warren0353 Post time 2014-9-28 13:23:11

You really need to let go of your past. It is definitely holding you back. Concentrate on your new family and build on it. It is where your strength needs to come from now. Take pride in what you have now it is more than a lot of people have.

tatata Post time 2014-9-28 13:53:22

This is a good article,sounds very true and sincere.

I understand you are confused about where you belong to. Well,you belong to earth,to human beings,it doesn't have to be a certain country or a certain group of people. You were born to this world and you have the right to breathe to live. And you do know you are NOT the only mixed people ,right? You are not alone.

Everybody had some pains in their lives. Yours is a little more complicated than ordinary people's.
You are wondering whehter your wife marry you because you are white,well,if she can be married to you for a life time,you will know it's not only your skin color she likes.
The rich men may also wonder if their wives marry them for their money. Again,you are not alone in this concern.

When the baggages are too heavy,just unload it. Live the past in the past,and live you own life. You are mixed,you are like your mother or your father,but also you are UNIQUE. The life troubles are gone,but your heart is confused and wouldn't get out of it. Don't think too much.{:1_1:}

werwolf Post time 2014-10-4 12:05:09

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White people and Chinese people are both higher races, and each race has, I believe, complimentary abilities, and the combination is excellent.   By the way, I am Chinese.

skywalk1 Post time 2014-10-4 20:26:59

Love yourself as you are. Why do you need to choose one over the other? You are both, after all...you can embrace both cultures, and have the best of both worlds...nobody can help you figure this out...you need to try to figure it out yourself, because it's about accepting yourself as you are. Forget about trying to gain acceptance from others, it's not important.

Good luck to you.

KIyer Post time 2014-10-5 08:13:28

That is a moving personal story that took courage to share and say it. If you think about it, we are ALL mixed racially, over hundreds of thousands of years. Everyone finds attractive and unattractive people from all races.
My suggestion is that if you look at any culture, the reasons for genuine love and respect goes beyond looks. The fact that you can eliminate some people from your life because they are superficial and go by looks, is a blessing. It is lucky to find out before it is too late.
Your story about finding the right person in your life validates that. We are all human before any other classification. That should be enough. Feeling bad about yourself because of looks and other people's opinion indicates you are not beyond them yourself.
Dont be misled - the nerdy, out of shape middle-aged Chinese man, who does not care for his appearance and makes you feel embarassed is not just only that. If you learn his personal story you might find a hardworking, accomplished worker, a great father who sacrificied his time and energy and comforts for his children or parents. You might find a hero you could admire. The same goes for Western people who you think are hackneyed and superficial. If you dig a bit deeper, you will find they too have excellent qualities, maybe different ones from the Chinese, but worth being proud of.
You are ultimately, what you make and think of yourself. Your children, while still wrestling with some inherited traits, will most vividly see how you are, how you talk, think and treat people and yourself.
If you are positive and good, your children will learn that first and genetic tendencies will recede into the background. Wish you well!

magnetic1974 Post time 2014-10-5 19:11:41

youknowhat Post time 2014-10-5 21:09:01

why am i in nu york & i dont find myself in such dilema or 'cause i'm purely vietnamese boat people...i'd kick the crap outta dem if they talk sh*t to me (vietnamese aint play with ya like that)  :Q;P:lol
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