VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-9-25 10:53:00

How do you think about friends?

That is the situation, one female friend of mine said she wanted to spend time with me and invite me to a bar,finally I agree. but when we entered into a bar, she had been talking with a girl all the time, and left me alone. anyway I don't feel very good.
Am I too sensitive about that?

surfer567 Post time 2014-11-9 18:55:09

Hmm...if your friend went with you, it's expected you should be hanging out together, or at least she should have told you what was going on... I think that that was rude of her.

parcher Post time 2014-11-9 19:07:02

I don't think she is much of a friend ....
Did you have to pay for the drinks?...

raton Post time 2014-11-9 21:18:13

jordan_c_fan Post time 2014-11-14 15:50:51

surfer567 Post time 2014-11-14 15:54:34

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Friends are like phantoms.   Today you saw they may be tomorrow you don't.  They are surrounding y ...

are you talking about your friends?

i don't forget my friends and they don't forget me.

jordan_c_fan Post time 2014-11-14 16:17:49

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