VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-9-21 12:10:47

What kind of animals you pay more love?

Nowadays ,human do like animals and want to keep them as pets, and there are a lot of pets in the world. Dogs, cats, even spiders and horses are very common,lizard is also popular. So do you like animals , do you want to keep pets in your home , whats your ideal pets.

Alexzhou Post time 2014-9-21 14:19:58

I have a 2 months old golden retriever~

1584austin Post time 2014-9-21 16:17:44

Little dog's are cute. I think many Westerners on here would say the same

I don't like Cat's

But Kbay will answer Sheep as his favourite I guess

raton Post time 2014-9-21 19:24:53

raton Post time 2014-9-21 19:26:09

parcher Post time 2014-9-21 19:33:21

of course dogs deserve more love.....
the bulldog will tear you to pieces if you say otherwise..

1584austin Post time 2014-9-21 20:03:20

raton Post time: 2014-9-21 19:26 static/image/common/back.gif
will never keep a pig as pet animal.. to tempting to eat them


Of course Rat's aren't so tempting
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