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What do you think about blind date ?

Blind date is the main way to get married in ancient China, But now it is still popular in China, and still there are a lot of blind date online and on living TV. there are still a lot of blind date in Foreign countries, so what's your idea.

messi30 Post time 2014-9-22 04:14:59

That´s for fun for some people

Nothing serious.


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mixamixa Post time 2014-9-24 20:52:36

Blind dating in China is not such a bad idea. But in China it must be taken literally. Most Chinese girls have good bodies but good looking face is not very common. Blindfold or dark room takes care of that :D

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I do not like the idea of going on a blind date. I dont want to spend time with most people that I m ...

That's a quite a speech ,about your idea about the blind date ,in a way ,I am agree with you ,but the point is , When in China ,we arrange a blind date ,we mostly arrange two persons have simililar education background and maybe they have a lot of common perspective with something.

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Blind dating in China is not such a bad idea. But in China it must be taken literally. Most Chinese  ...

Maybe you got a point~

artdio Post time 2014-9-29 08:42:27

Wenzhou police received a call last week after a blind date ended badly. The police arrived to find a man and a woman, both around 30 years of age, yelling at each other because the man refused to pay the bill.
The two had been set up on a blind date, but neither were particularly impressed. The date passed amicably enough, until it was time to get the bill; the meal had come to around 400 RMB and the man not only refused to pay, he also refused to split the bill evenly, saying that he hadn’t eaten very much, she had ordered, and topped it off by saying the woman wasn’t even good looking.
His date didn’t love this and accused him of being stingy, saying that men should always pay, or at least pay half. The two started yelling at each other and the restaurant owner, unsure of what to do, called the police.
The week before, police in Quanzhou were called out over a similar case when a girl slapped her boyfriend for refusing to pay for her and her friend’s dinner.
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