in2kitty Post time 2014-9-17 15:24:08

looking for a friend who can talk with me on QQ

HI,guys, i am a girl in beijing city,i am looking for a friend who can talk with me on QQ,yes ,i want to practice my writing english,and i think maybe this is a good method

and i am in beijing ,if you travel in beijing ,i can be you guide for free,i can speak daily english,and i am in beijing more than 10 years,very family with beijing ,when i still in my university,my high school classmate often come to visit me and ask me to be a guide for them,so i am familiar where you can find good view and delious food.

and if you have plan to Hangzhou city,next week  i have a vacation there ,i love HangZhou very much ,and i think it is the most beautiful city in China,i went HangZhou times without number,so i also familiar with HangZhou.if you have a plan to HangZhou ,i can also be you guide for free.

and my hometown is Xi'AN city ,China most oldest capital city ,it well know for the 5000 years history,if you have a plan visit Xi'an,
i can give you valueble advise too.

so i will be your China travel guide book if you be friend with me,come on ,guys,if you have interested to be friend with me ,please connect with me by the chinadaily online mail,i will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

CoffeeChatClub Post time 2014-9-17 19:01:57

why talking on QQ can be a good method for English writing?

in2kitty Post time 2014-9-18 08:51:55

some word i can say,but often have spell mistakes
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