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Funny blind date story

I got a guy's QQ number from my aunt. And seeing if there was hope on dating. After adding that guy we had a few chattings. And then we exchanged pictures to each other. After seeing my picture, he said i looked a lit "Big"(=old). I asked where did i big, on face, breasts, or where? He said on age....I was 1 year older than him. I don't understand why this is a big deal. And then he rejected me said we could only be friend...Well, i don't think i could be friend with him. As i don't need this kind of "Friend"!
After this story i have below thoughts.

1. Even though you think i look older than you. Can't you just say that indirectly or ignore this? Do you know what is respect?

2. If that age is that important at all? You don't know a person at all, even you don't meet her in person yet. Then you reject her just because of age. What's the phylosophy there?

Haha.... as long as you are alive. There are funny stories around you..

dusty1 Post time 2014-9-15 14:40:05

Age and looks is not important, but personality are, this idiot is very shallow your better off without a person like that in your life

messenger77 Post time 2014-10-29 21:18:49

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Well, I agree here that you don't tell a woman she looks old, but to me, it's got nothing to do with respect but just being considerate of another's feelings.

Perhaps indirect communication is better than direct communication--I don't know, I'm confused. Because when my Asian professor used to tell me things indirectly, it really upset me, and I thought to myself, why doesn't he have the courage to talk to me directly?

In Asia I have met polite people who would keep silence rather than tell you no, so you can deduce from a minute or so of silence that they mean no. It is a nice feeling. But I still think people should have the courage to talk to you, and say sorry if they want to say no, I guess.

Would you prefer to be "respected" and kept in the dark, rather than have someone "embarrass" you but then at least you learn the truth. I know that I would prefer to know the truth, but perhaps I am in the minority. The problem with indirect communication is that it is time-consuming, and you are unable to frankly discuss the situation with each other.

And the other option, ignoring...this is even worse. Ignored problems do not disappear.

jordan_c_fan Post time 2014-11-14 16:46:12

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