ymomo Post time 2014-9-15 12:40:45

Truck driver VS decent lady, do they have love?

A lady who is 25 years old or aboved unmarried is so called "leftover lady".

My "leftover" friend went to so many blind dates in the past two years. Recently she told me she met a guy throught sort of relatives' line up. She is a freelance lady working on international trade on her own. Or we esteem she has a decent job. She told me that blind date target was a truck driver. She was very diappointed on his carreer and felt insecure.  She doesn't mean look down upon the job of driver. But she doubt they have future. She was well cultivated in university while he was senior high school qualification....Does education background and carreer important in marriage??

dusty1 Post time 2014-9-15 12:55:41

Of course it would work if they got over the cutural diffrences, you don't have to have an education to have culture, your leftover friend is a leftover arrogant snob.

parcher Post time 2014-9-15 13:14:55

I guess if he was an uneducated millionaire truck driver, your friend would already be making plans to get married:lol

artdio Post time 2014-9-16 08:17:13

back home I was a truck driver for 25 years and retired 3 years ago at 45

skywalk1 Post time 2014-9-16 08:37:09

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She would only be called "leftover" in China. Outside of China, there is no fuss.

Ideally, love conquers all.

But often, though not always, women want to marry up or at least equal.

If they were destined to be together, she would not feel anything about him being "just" a truck driver. He's just not her destined match, that is all.
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