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Do you think this people is deserved to be your friend?

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Yesterday was my birthday ,I invited some of my friends to the bar  two are western girls and we are very close friends like a family in Jinan they are my sisters here and one was my friend who I thought was good.But he very like night clubs and drinks and sex.He is very obessed with these.But I can understand it , it is ok. even he is the sophomore student of  an not bad university.And he wanted to sleep the white woman while was on the way of going to the bar ,when he walking to the bar with me.
And after  we have fun in the bar. He is leaving with his girl friend, and he sent his girl friend to home and go to a night club with his friends for whole night. And my sisters and me just go to our home to sharing our family time .
We sit  around the table  and talking as usual ,like nothing changes.
And at the meantimes the guy gave me a message said he was very high in the night club, and asked what were we doing ,
I said family time and he asked once again ,I said family time .and he seemed angry and said I am asking if these white girls want to go ,then ttat made me very upset  and didn't answer him,And he was like an animal, send what are you thinking about and do ask them if them come or not ,Then i am pissed off, just let my sisters to answer him, Then my sister just answer they don't want to go by my phone. And he was like very angry about it ,and think its my fault. I just remove him and blocked him as he was not my friends anymore .
First ,the other day is my birthday ,and we still prepare the Mid-autumn day ,and second, my sisters are my family ,what did he really want to do ? take them go the night club and let them waste. He is such a  bad guy even was my friend. So the thing is  like that ,And now ,he was a stranger to me now, totally a jerk .I will keep away with him .

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Anyway, jerk is a jerk

Happy Belated Birthday


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Anyway, jerk is a jerk

Happy Belated Birthday

:hug:thank you ~
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