arleneh Post time 2014-8-27 23:27:44

im sad

i found he sleeps with more than 10 women
and he's still seeking more
from wechat, from bars
women sent him wechat asking ...
he sent women wechat, invited woman to his home

am i a joke? the most stupid one

twinklestars Post time 2014-8-28 13:53:09

leave him

arleneh Post time 2014-8-30 00:49:58

twinklestars Post time: 2014-8-28 13:53 static/image/common/back.gif
leave him

thank you for this
my heart chose him
i know it's bad
i feel so sad

Ratfink Post time 2014-8-30 01:21:04

If a man or woman is a serial cheater then it is best to walk away and despite the heart ache move on. Frankly such a person is not worth the time or effort of another's love. He shows you no respect and no attachment.

Dump him and go find a good and decent man when you are ready.

Smaug Post time 2014-8-30 07:54:24

Ratfink is right here, of course. You fell for him because he knows what to say and do that makes women fall for him. It was all an act.

The bright side is that now you're aware of such tricks and such men. If he didn't make you pregnant or give you some disease, then count it as a life experience and move on. It is the kind of thing you need to let go of, or you cannot live a good life afterwards.

miningmachinery Post time 2014-8-30 10:14:41

I think you find wrong man

starinsky1 Post time 2014-8-30 18:35:22

i saw this but i thought it was some spam. now i see that you're serious. is he your husband or just your boyfriend? do you have any kids. better get out sooner than later if you can. it's not love if you're suffering!
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