hyl19891116 Post time 2014-8-6 22:06:10

Cellphone is stealing my time

I find that most people (including me)  like to play their cellphone no matter they are alone or with their family or friends. You can see people putting their heads down with cellphones everywhere. Cellphone is also my best friend when I am alone or when I have nothing to do. But when I put it down I find that half an hour has passed. OMG, cellphone is stealing my time, our time.

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-8-7 11:33:42


onceaknight Post time 2014-8-7 16:40:03

Unfortunately this is become part of society. Few people these days no matter where you are, can they be seen walking, standing or sitting with their head held high. Most heads tilted towards the ground or whats in their hand, and very often not one phone but two or three is now the norm. Most people have become oblivious to whats or who is around them, even the dangers. As for me well I am very proud that I do not possess a phone of any kind and have no intention now or the late future to change that choice, I enjoy my freedom. I have on occasions got them as gifts however they are always left unopened. I'm not ungreatful or unappreciative, its just my way.

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-8-7 22:15:24

That is the trend~

xuedongi60 Post time 2014-8-7 23:27:25

Everyone can has a mobile phone because its cheap price,especially,present phones have a lot of functions.We can installing many apps to meet our demands.Now,many people have a feeling that they have a upset mood if their cellphones do not at their side.I remembered that we always to seek some topics to sharing in previous classmates party,but now it has changed,many people lowered their heads to watching big screen of mobile phones.We have a less communication than before.As it to me,I do not like play cellphone in my spare time.

youknowhat Post time 2014-8-8 01:20:31

not just wastin time but ruin your vision as well day-by-day...i dont look at my fone not unless is ringin & i can tell who's callin me by ringtone  :lol;P

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-8-8 10:44:25

youknowhat Post time: 2014-8-8 01:20 static/image/common/back.gif
not just wastin time but ruin your vision as well day-by-day...i dont look at my fone not unless is  ...

good for you ~~
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