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What should be the aim of life

What should be the aim of life ?
1)to get rich ?
2)to get lot of sex ?
3)to get power ?
4)to get friends ?

well what is your aim in life and what you want to achieve ?

cruising Post time 2014-7-23 22:33:31

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friends are more important than all the others you listed because true friendship lasts beyond the grave.

other important goals that lasts beyond this lifetime:
1. develop your character
2. develop your abilities and talents
3. develop your spirituality (eg. dont be selfish, help others, etc...)
4. seek knowledge

Riz Post time 2014-7-24 02:50:39

I think all the things are connected in a way. If I say that my aim of life is to get rich, I have to meet those people who are rich. They will tell me how to be rich. I will read extensively about the people who got rich from poverty. I will get inspiration. This process will get me the right kind of friends and knowledge. Money is attractive to most people of the world. If I am rich, I will have connection with powerful people. Money brings power. Combine money and knowledge. It's super power.
What do most girls look for by the way? So sex is in your range now. You can have it or you can choose to refuse those ladies who see your status and want you. I mean money gets you all other or most things.

Riz Post time 2014-7-24 03:00:11

Similarly, if you're smart, you meet smart people. They have ideas and you share things. An idea clicks and you get rich with a friends idea. And once you are rich, you can choose to have or not have lots of sex  

Riz Post time 2014-7-24 03:05:43

Tell about a poor fellow who is powerful too. So my friend realistically speaking, it all comes to money. It shelters us in most cases. In a nutshell, we are insecure without enough cash,earned by fair means and not by selling coke or meth. Pure,fair, cash.{:1_1:}

robert237 Post time 2014-7-24 11:18:31

Live in the now.. but now is gone..
Live in the now.. but now is gone..
Live in the now.. but now is gone..

raton Post time 2014-7-24 13:21:12

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