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Would you forgive your partner for cheating?

This is a question I pose for both men and women.  I'm curious how both men and women generally feel about cheating and whether they might forgive it or not. So‚ĶMen: Would you forgive your female partner if she cheated you?
Women: Would you forgive your male partner if he cheats you?
For me, maybe I'll forgive but I'll never forget. Cheating is cheating...male or's still cheating.

twinklestars Post time 2014-7-17 14:45:26

as far as i'm corncerned, whether i shall forgive or not depends on the nature of the thing he cheated about...if my guess is right, the poster is indicating it's about sex, then the answer would be means betrayal...whatever the reason is, it tramps on my bottomline...i cant bear still living with him after his cheating on me..

on the other side, if it's about other things eg. he wanna give me a  birthday or anniversay surprise..well that will be good of course. he might have to lie about sth to make the family relationship better especially the relationship between me and his mother..chinese female all know how delicate or complicated it could be if he tends to be good, i'll forgive him under those circumstances...

Ratfink Post time 2014-7-17 18:40:18

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I've had a couple of girlfriends cheat on me and it broke my heart and made me feel useless as a man.

If a woman I was dating or married to cheated on me by having sex with another man then I would eventually forgive her, but I could no longer trust her.  Why? Fidelity is something I value highly and I will not compromise my moral standards for anyone, ever.  One thing is for sure, we would not be together once I found out.  

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forget-me-not Post time 2014-7-17 22:42:14

I can forive once.But just once.
If the 2nd time happens,I will lose belief.

DMZappa Post time 2014-7-17 23:06:00

No. But I don't even have to worry about it and I would never cheat on her.
Can't say that for my ex slut wife.

cruising Post time 2014-7-17 23:21:42

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I can forive once.But just once.
If the 2nd time happens,I will lose belief.

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