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Does age difference matter in marriage?

Most couples I know who have large age differences are happy and have a wonderful relationships. When my grandfather met my grandmother she was 12 and he was 24. Their families became friends that is how they met. When my grandmother was 17 he asked her out on a date and she said yes and they ended up being married for 60 years when my grandfather died. So I don’t think age matters in a marriage. Different issues will come up in a marriage whether young or old and its up to the partners to choose to work on them together. What do you think? Does age difference matter when it comes to love or marriage? Who is older, you or your mate?

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I would post in this thread about my significant other but "voice_CD" told me not to mention my wife on this forum.
I guess they are worry more about pleasing their western propagandists than open and honest exchanges.

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I would post in this thread about my significant other but "voice_CD" told me not to mention my wife ...
what's wrong with talking about your wife?


@smuffy age difference doesn't matter.
edit. age difference doesnt matter to me within reason. i dont care how old he is, just not old old, you know, if he was right for me and i for him, if we could help and support each other. if we cant have children, we dont need to have children, life could be about other things. i dont care for statistics either. no statistics is going to tell me who i should or shouldnt personally think a 10 year gap is good. my uncle is also 10 years older than his wife and they get along great. same age couples tend to fight more i think.

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At one point as a old man you need let a young one stand in for you to make your wife happy ! :lol

Ratfink Post time 2014-7-19 19:36:35

I think it depends on the couple, there are no hard and fast rules but divorce statistics for most western countries tend to show that an age discrepancy of over 10 years will greatly increase the rate of divorce.  

With that said each case is unique and I know of several men and one woman who were in their 50s when they married women 30 years younger and they seem very happy and content well over 20 years later.

DMZappa Post time 2014-7-19 21:05:28

I'm 60 my wife is 50. She is wonderful. I spoil her.
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