Gabrial521 Post time 2014-7-9 21:13:59

I love my bossy roommate .How about you ?

Yesterday my roommate said she would cook for us .I bought all the material she needed .She complained the material was not fresh enough .Then she started to cook .She told me she was really tired  and how she was reluctant to cook this meal .I was literally speechless .It is her who says want to cook for us .If she doesn't  want to cook ,she can just say it .Complaint does no good to solve the problem.

We all have roommates .They are definitely not pefect .But we accept thier unperfect part to live together .My roommate always tries to help me and guide me when i was in trouble .On my last year's birthday ,she bought me a rose and wrote a box of cards to me .

How about your roommate ?Though he or she has some part you don't like ,he or she is till one of your best friend .I would like to invite you to share with me your story about it :)

RosieLux Post time 2014-7-27 10:03:57

:( I don't...
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