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Guy dumps girlfriend cos she can’t afford an appartment

Proving that being a materialistic asshole knows no barriers, be they racial, sexual or gender related, a guy in Shenzhen dumped his girlfriend for being too poor to afford an apartment.

Zhang, a PHD student, didn’t see the break up coming, and said it was initiated by her boyfriend’s parents. Her high level education was deemed ‘meaningless’ in the face of her family’s financial situation.

Being dumped because you are too poor, is unfortunately a common occurrence in China, but this situation is slightly unusual as men are normally expected to bear the brunt of financial burdens by families.

Since when has the time changed? Now girls should also taste what it's like to be dumped for being too poor afford an apartment. :lol

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parcher Post time 2014-7-5 14:53:43

I had to read this twice to make sure that it was the girl dumped for being too poor...lol..
high level education does mean nothing unless you have a bucket full of cash to go with it...hehe...
poor girl is better off without them anyway..

cruising Post time 2014-7-6 06:57:15

she should consider herself lucky. i wouldnt want to marry such a guy. divorces are messy. its better she find out now than later.

Sh1zuk4 Post time 2014-7-6 19:42:26

Actually, a married couple should come from at least the same economy class.

I dont know about other places, but here in indonesia (i'm a chinese-Indonesian), marrying someone from different economy class can be a disaster. One of my friend, married to a woman from poor family. He ended up supporting her whole family, basically feeding his own small family, and his wife's big family. They went divorce couple of years ago.

But thats the best practice.

To be honest, i was poor as well when i married my wife. She's from rich family, her father owns an 8 acre factory. But everything goes well, until today, we never use a penny of her father's money. Even though not considered rich, we live well..

forget-me-not Post time 2014-7-7 23:36:04

This is just one case. The other way round is still the main stream here.
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