lwd528 Post time 2014-7-4 15:46:26

What's your favorite love moive?My favorite is Casablanca.

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My favorite love movie is Casablanca.When i saw Rick let IIsa and her husband go at the airport ,i couldn't not help cry .

lwd528 Post time 2014-7-4 15:52:31

At the airport ,Rick decided to help IIsa and her husband leave and he stayed in this cruel and dangerous place.

twinklestars Post time 2014-7-4 15:53:33

i love the music of this movie..and also it reminds me of my college classmate who also love he movie ...alas...so many years have passed since we parted upon graduation...

lwd528 Post time 2014-7-4 15:56:37

Beautiful IIsa

lwd528 Post time 2014-7-4 15:59:39

Rick in his cafe


lwd528 Post time 2014-7-4 16:03:19

Rick helped a couple to leave this city ...They only had money for one passport

lwd528 Post time 2014-7-4 16:05:09

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