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Daily Expressions Mothers Use to Their Children (II) 2012-07-10
Did you wash your hands before eating? No, do it now, what have I told you so many times. 吃饭前洗手了吗(chī fàn qián xǐ shǒu le ma)? 没有是吧( ...
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Daily Expressions Chinese Mothers Use for Their Children 2012-07-10
  Question: What kind of expression would a Chinese mother use for the little child during the day, for example, wake up, you ...
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How to Use the “verb + 上(shàng)” Pattern in Chinese 2012-07-10
    Learn Chinese online -  How to use the pattern  “verb + 上 (shàng)”?   ...
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Learn the Words and Sentences about Summer 2012-07-09
Learn Chinese online today:   Words related to summer 和夏天有关的词语 (h é xi à ti ā n y ...
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How to Talk About 'Time' in Chinese 2012-07-06
How to Talk About TIME in Chinese?   Ⅰ . Dialogues about time in daily life:        e.g.1: ...
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Make It Easy to Learn Chinese 2012-06-21
    Speaking of Chinese Mandarin learning, many people will regard it as a super difficult task. It’s always hard to clear ...
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suray 2013-1-12 12:24:53
Happy New Year to everyone!
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