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Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:11:25
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
Puss676 2014-3-21 20:54:43
youknowhat : just practice some of the test samples, and ask questions either here or in your'll do just fine just pay very close attention!    Thanks for your tips. Hahhah in fact I am a freshman I totally do not have the same feeling of pressure from test as I had in high school. But the score has nothing to do with my eagerness to learn English,I care more about using it  in my daily life. Anyway I will do my best~~ ...
Puss676 2014-3-21 05:13:21
youknowhat: fair enough! how are you doin?
Great. And I am fighting for the coming CET4 in June.
Puss676 2014-3-20 21:09:09
youknowhat: what does it really mean my avatar...thank you in advance for tellin   
   I do not really know.  I just keep finding. At least I know something interest me~~
Puss676 2014-3-19 21:21:06
youknowhat : WHICH part of the world are you in if you dont mind askin       Music, domestic or worldwide buzz, TV series ......and so on. And Arts ,literacy,...... They are Okay. Your picture includes traditonal cultrue of China therefore I add you as a friend! ...
Puss676 2014-3-19 00:01:47
youknowhat: thank you for adding me in...see you around! Peter
   Glad to be one of your friends.I will try to get aquaintant.
XIVDALAILAMA 2014-2-11 07:14:02
Hi Peter, the Nazi Anglo devil worshipping racists have banned me from posting. If "Seneca", "ngtran", "revolutionary", "pond", and others can post their slimey slanderous, demonizing remarks against the Chinese government and people with impunity, then there is something seriously wrong with the admin of this forum. I'm going to see if I can contact China Daily management to see if I can get the filthy Anglo that banned me deported back to Anglo land. ... ...
seclusive 2014-1-31 19:49:01
Belinda_GS 2013-11-28 23:42:13
youknowhat: what's your personal email address? my is
hi, youknowwhat, I often use qq and skype for commnication tool. skype account is
youknowhat 2013-11-27 22:22:08
still see the same message...
Belinda_GS 2013-11-27 22:20:13
youknowhat: what's your personal email address? my is
the system said " valitdation failed", but I didn't do anything, maybe you need add my ID in your friend list
Belinda_GS 2013-11-27 21:52:24
youknowhat: your message sez...validation failed & needs approval! what does it mean all that? how are you? big day for us in the US t'row...THANKSGIVING DAY!
Validation failed? what's your comment?
Belinda_GS 2013-11-27 21:12:15
youknowhat: what's GS right behind your name?
GS is my city's  province's abbreviation, and you?
Belinda_GS 2013-11-26 13:24:34
youknowhat: hi, belinda--i couldnt read what you just wrote...please tell me
I supposed you are wise engouh, I always treat my friends in positive ways, aren't you? 2:05 your comments posted, stay up all night??Be healthy!
Belinda_GS 2013-11-25 23:59:51
   , wish u have  nice day!
Salut_F 2013-10-7 11:15:34
youknowhat: this chinese website required me to sign in but i dont have a chinese fone number to register...methinks it's okayed now.  thanks anyway!
great,and friends r always there to help u
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