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  • Real Name杨晨
  • GenderFemale
  • EducationHigh school
  • Making friends purposeTo improve my English ability.

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Happy New Year to you all !!! 2016-12-31
''Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year to you all.We are singing,we are dancing,Happy New Year to you all...'' Today is New Year's Day ...
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Sweet potatoes give us a sense of well-being 2016-11-19
My mother said," When I was a child, it was happiness to have sweet potatoes to eat because my parents were too poor to afford them. But it's also hap ...
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It's my honour to go home with my history teacher professor Cao 2016-11-09
     When I went to the teacher's office to ask my history teacher some historical questions,my geography teacher said to me,''Hey ...
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2016-08-28 2016-08-28
I think I am not a good girl. I always Tucao my dear younger sister.
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Why so many people can not keep on doing something? 2016-06-21
I read an artical a moment ago.I think this artical is very inspirational.The artical reported that a man who lives in Beijing runs for 45 hours on 20 ...
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Benefits of being a volunteer 2016-05-18
      Nowadays,more and more people are willing to serve as a volunteer especially the university students.       For on ...
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Aska 2017-6-10 11:48:57
Aska 2017-5-30 14:32:16
I want to tell you;only time is capable of understanding how great LOVE is!
Aska 2017-5-30 14:22:57
Someone is looking forward to a quiet view of the masterpieces
Aska 2017-5-30 14:19:10
With my heart pounding so loudly
Aska 2017-5-30 14:18:40
For many moments,there is only silence
Aska 2017-5-30 14:16:39
My sister said:Daaaaaaad!
Aska 2017-5-30 14:12:54
Aska 2017-5-26 02:10:27
Aska 2017-5-26 02:04:44
Aska 2017-5-26 02:03:01
Aska 2017-5-26 02:00:59
Aska 2017-5-26 01:59:59
Aska 2017-5-26 01:54:23
In this world so curel,I think you are so cool
Aska 2017-5-26 01:46:52
Aska 2017-5-26 01:37:23
( ⊙ o ⊙ )
Aska 2017-4-22 22:47:03
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