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Is the Chinese football doomed to fail? 2018-07-23
Nowadays, Chinese people are generally optimistic. In their mind, there is a strong belief in great days ahead. The fact is that China is embracin ...
(6866) readings|(12) comments
The meaning of a photo 2017-03-31
It is now straightforward to take a photograph with a mobile phone, and upload the end product immediately to the web, for anyone to see. It can ...
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The all humanity in the eyes of an orphan 2017-02-21
In my Chinese lifetime, I toured many places, all worthy of consideration. Beyond and above mere professional aspects, sometimes an unexpec ...
(3073) readings|(5) comments
Is General de Gaulle a Chinese hero? 2017-02-03
“No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men” Thomas Carlyle. --------------------- ...
(2649) readings|(4) comments
EU China partnership at risk 2016-12-16
In this period of ever growing protectionism, will Europe recognize the status of a market economy to China? In 2001, the signatory countries o ...
(3414) readings|(2) comments
Humans only have 1,000 years left 2016-11-22
…unless we find a new planet to live on. This is, at least, the Stephen Hawking view. If someone else had come forward and said so, we un ...
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shiningyears 2016-8-18 16:31:52
Hello Chevalerie,
    I am a Teresa Teng fan. I read your blog and know you met Teresa in 1992. Could you kindly tell me more about your date in France? Do you have any photos with Teresa? It's very interesting for her fans to know. Thank you!
Chevalerie 2015-4-1 16:08:07
For the time being I am living in Tianjin (天津) and Qingyuan (清远) (China). I am mainly interested in physics, astronomy, history, philosophy and the extraterrestrial hypothesis. I write some comments about this topic with no particular position, no position of principle, just trying to understand, picking up a clue at each stage and working out whether or not it supports the theory that extraterrestrial life exists. François de la Chevalerie (jùn mǎ 俊 马) “Grammatici certant e ... ...
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