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  • Did you know laughter helps you lose weight? Reply
  • ResidenceCanada Nova Scotia
  • Graduate schoolDalhousie University
  • EducationUndergraduate
  • Professionteach maths and English, edit,

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How to Teach Online 2020-03-14
Groom yourself and dress professionally as though you are going to be on TV. At the start, say hello and ask, "Can you hear me?" Talk for under 20 sec ...
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Education Methods 2020-01-02
Teachers need not be sworn to secrecy about classroom methods. If there is a secret about a classroom method, there is probably an improvement availab ...
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Happy birthday to you! (or not :-) ) 2019-07-02
Is it we who buy your cake or is it you who provides your cake on your birthday? Who invented the idea of a birthday cake? Why celebrate such a day? ...
(2261) readings|(2) comments
Two Systems, Two Standards? 2019-05-30
Aristotle and the Han: truth without false, good without bad, because we have standards in society, and we keep the peace with the people across the ...
(5352) readings|(10) comments
Four BEE, Four BOO, Four BAA 2019-05-29
A long time ago in a land far, far, far away, so far away that I wonder whether it was a reverie, I used to watch the good society offline like on TV, ...
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31 May is No Smoke Day 2019-05-28
31 May is World No Tobacco Day, thanks to the World Health Organization.  If you could ask someone close to you to stop smoking, who would y ...
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wdf 2020-1-6 15:35:17
shuodao 2019-2-26 00:04:05
prettybaby50 2017-1-17 04:18:55
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Igo 2015-3-24 10:13:37
J.E.Overington: Tell readers why you prefer expressing sarcasm.
Okay, dear readers, I have to stop watching all suspension thriller movies and horror movies immediately.  
Igo 2015-3-23 11:47:26
J.E.Overington: I have a photo to add in due course, one showing both eyes when the pupils are dilated differently although in the same light. It happens sometimes.
Oh yah. Keep going! Many Alfred Hitchcocks from Hollywood or from different places might come over to look for you. Get ready. Serious, we can't find any one's eyes as special as yours around us.
Igo 2015-3-22 12:08:22
So, the two eye photos in your album ME are respectively the movie pictures taken from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, right? Awesome. Very much impressed.
RosieLux 2014-6-8 10:20:52
J.E.Overington: Hi. I want to ensure someone[s] in China know, in verbatim quote, exactly what some western mathematics professors say when teaching 3rd year universi ...
Wow, this is a completely new field to me. A lot of work on it. So many unfamiliar terms.  
Kabisco751 2014-5-19 14:41:41
To be connected is vital as we share ideas, knowledge,cultural differences and be able to learn from each other.
My warm regards
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