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The people don’t grow up at a moment, the flowers don’t open for a night 2020-04-15
       This morning, I understood suddenly a thing that it had been my heart for a long time. The sudden understanding made me ...
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The epidemic situation hasn’t still been end, but the fire is coming 2020-04-01
     This morning I heard the news that the fire had made 19 person to be lost their lives for fire fight the big fire of forest in ...
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The plan can’t catch up with the variety 2020-03-28
       Tomorrow is the Saturday, I want to have a rest for this weekend. Because I have worked overtime for the last two weeken ...
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If you haven't the better choice, please try your best to do the current things 2020-03-18
      It has been the midst of the March,  the hot season of switch job。but because of the epidemic situation,the hot seaso ...
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I chose to update my Chinese blog every day 2020-03-11
      For 2018, I registered the platform about Jianshu for writting. for the beginning, It was excited for me to write. furthermore I ...
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Tt’s March 2020-03-06
      It was so slow to me to spend the February. but the March passes so quickly again.       Today is the second day t ...
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MichaelM 2019-6-13 16:53:28
ephil_cn: Thank you for your messages and suggestion. I am moved deeply. He always rejected to meet me although i also told him that i didn't care about what he ...
You're very welcome. Thank you.
MichaelM 2019-6-9 08:48:21
You are a sweet girl. Be careful with your feelings online. But, not too careful to miss a great opportunity for love. Perhaps you are too lovely and he doesn't feel confident enough. He might be afraid that you won't find him attractive. If he is a foreigner, like me, he might need to know more of your feelings. Chinese are very shy and don't always express their feelings very clearly. I've been in China for 8 years. I've accomplished a lot of things and have attracted a lot of female attention ... ...
bellababy12 2017-5-14 03:32:43
Hello my dear
how are you hope you are fine?  
please i will like you to contact me on my private email (
for more discourtion thank you
miss bella
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