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  • Real Nameliuxinhai
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1960 Year 9 Month 3 Day
  • BirthplaceChina Beijing
  • ResidenceChina Beijing
  • EducationDr.

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Sing for yourself 2015-12-18
Sing for yourself My friend was a boss , he was as star when he invited us to dinner. A boy drove and took the clothes for him w ...
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Take care of yourself 2015-12-16
Take care of yourself My friend told me a story about his mother. His mother is 82 years old, she lives with nurse near to his ...
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It isn’t your business 2015-12-15
It isn’t your business One day, I took a walk on the road. I saw a woman to rind a orange, but she threw away orange peel on th ...
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do yo knows yourself(3) 2015-12-11
Do you knows yourself (3) My friend told me a story that there were a “old dandy” in his department, he knew many things about ...
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do you knows yourself(2) 2015-12-10
Do you knows yourself (2) One day, i went to repair my shoes in the street. The repairman is young boy. He was listening the song ...
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do you knows yourself 2015-12-08
Do you knows youself: One day , I toke bus and saw a girls who was surrounded by three boys , they said to girl:”we want to make ...
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liuyumao 2016-5-27 11:19:33
liuyumao 2015-4-5 21:31:14
jarryxzs 2013-4-7 11:35:29
voice_cd 2013-4-1 10:07:28
liuyumao 2013-3-17 18:52:49
赞高铁。才站长城望北疆,又己行船黄浦江。风驰电掣向南行,江南己经花一样last time we only stand up the Great Wall for view the broad of north ,now we are driving the ship on the river of huangpujian.we are runing from north to south liking the wind andelectric.the south is liking the flower opening.
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