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  • Real Nameliuxinhai
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  • Birthday1960 Year 9 Month 3 Day
  • BirthplaceChina Beijing
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  • EducationDr.

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our youth (serial 62) 2020-06-24
Yang Mei thought some days for these questions . she told to Zhang Wei:” we must keep the students ‘s enthusiasm because they are teenage. They ...
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our youth(serial 62) 2020-06-22
The students resumed their naturel. They cried and played the basketball  after class , but they knew that they would be listen well on the class ...
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our youth (serial 61) 2020-06-21
The students began to laugh after one month, they found that Yang Mei are their teacher , but also seemed their sister. She always stood on the gr ...
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our youth (serial 60) 2020-06-20
She helped them to made the plans and asked them to get up at six o’clock on the morning and to sleep at ten o’clock in the night. She smiled an ...
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our youth (serial 59) 2020-06-19
In autumn, they received 20 students who are defeated their examination of going to university. The students seemed so sad. Yang Mei smiled ...
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our youth(serial 58) 2020-06-16
Qing Zheng smiled and thought for moment that the chance is coming. She said to the father of Yang Mei:” I want to let you becoming our chairman of ...
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liuyumao 2013-3-17 18:52:49
赞高铁。才站长城望北疆,又己行船黄浦江。风驰电掣向南行,江南己经花一样last time we only stand up the Great Wall for view the broad of north ,now we are driving the ship on the river of huangpujian.we are runing from north to south liking the wind andelectric.the south is liking the flower opening.
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