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  • English teacher and education adviser. China needs a teaching profession with less fear and more trust and honesty. Reply
  • Patience and humour.... I have to remind myself each day whilst in China. So much done in so few years, yet I could do so much more here if I could speak chinese! Reply
  • GenderMale
  • ResidenceChina Shanxi Taiyuan
  • ProfessionEducation.
  • PositionTeacher School Management Advisor
  • hobby(No chance of sailing in Taiyuan!) Cooking. Walking. Photography. Dancing. Guitar and singing.

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Dystopia has arrived. The DPRK issue. 2017-05-06
Dystopian “1984” has arrived Many years ago George Orwell wrote “1984” as his vision of a possible future that was based upon fear and ...
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Foreign tourist arrested 2017-01-15
China is very keen to develop tourism with its citizens, but more so with foreign travellers. However, many travel agents in China have little knowle ...
(6712) readings|(11) comments
Brexit,Trump and a big mess! 2016-11-18
I have just read about President Trump's choices for his ministry. It is frightening. I have just read about Britain's Chancellor of the exchequer du ...
(9088) readings|(8) comments
Trump and the second coming 2016-11-10
I have an instinctive feeing deep down that some very bad times lie ahead. I hope I am just being foolish. The Middle East, ISIL, Putin, DPRK ...
(7820) readings|(9) comments
A disappearing China 2016-10-21
Last month I was delighted to be invited on a tour of North Shanxi by China Daily. It was with enormous pride that we were shown the modern arch ...
(7223) readings|(8) comments
Banning scooters from Chinese roads! 2016-09-11
I have just noticed a questionnaire on CD main page asking about whether scooters should be banned from using the roads! I note from the answers so ...
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Hillary_Clinton 2017-10-31 06:00:42
TedM: I hope you understand my reply to your lengthy response. If you need further explanation of Yates poem let me know.    Read my comments and the poem c ...
Thank you Ted!
davidjohn 2017-2-24 15:56:54
My Dear Friend God blessed you Calvary Greetings in the name of Almighty God, I want to tell you this because I don’t have any other option than to contact you after going through your profile as i was touched to open up to you. I am Mrs Maria Eze, A widow to Late Dr.Harry Eze (former Counselor of the Benin Embassy in Madrid, Spain. We own Treasure Art Inc and Treasure Crude Oil Marketers; we are very wealthy we have a lot of properties including Shares and houses. I am 69 years ... ...
princessday 2016-12-15 21:01:35
I want to get closer to the world,which includes you,dear foreign teacher.
Avrillove20 2016-7-24 03:29:30
I am Avril Hingston, am a single lady, Am looking for a serious relationship or partnership, are you interested? Write me back at ( So i will tell you more about me and send you my photos.
voice_cd 2016-6-23 08:46:22
Hi, Ted, just ask have you ever joined our Shanxi trip which China Daily of local bureau organized to travel around and report about Shanxi? If you have not, we would like to recommend you to that journey.
TedM 2016-6-20 16:07:35
Many thanks. I try to make a difference.
12342904 2016-6-20 09:48:28
my classmates and me wish you are our foreign teacher you seem smart and kind .we follow you here .
NewerShirley 2016-6-6 15:30:33
I am pleasure to make friends with you  
samlam 2016-5-20 07:25:03
TedM: My comment has been accepted and printed here. My comments are never controversial, but I try to be balanced.
samlam 2016-5-19 13:55:47
Thank you for giving your comments on The cultural Revolution. It was cut out. The topic is too sensitive.
nancylove55 2016-3-18 02:15:50
hi friend my name is Nancy after
reading your profile i was touch
to write you and be your very good
friend am waiting for your urgent
reply to my Email address so that
i will give you more of my photos
and tell you all about me,
thanks and kiss,
mbursian 2016-2-7 07:37:27
Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
18201315691 2015-11-27 13:17:57
Nice to make friends with you.
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