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How can AI change your life in the next 5 years? [Copy link] 中文

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Compared to the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in 2018, what is the most significant feature of this year's expo? I give you two answers: AI and 5G.

Last year, 5G was still a work in progress and smart home applications were barely mentioned. A year later and 5G mobile phones are now commercialized and smart home solutions are available on the market.

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If you take a look around at the Sci-tech Life Pavilion, this year over half of the participants are promoting "smart" products, which are supported by cutting edge AI and 5G technologies.

So now, if you still don't have a clue how AI and 5G will change your life, I would like to introduce to you multiple products exhibited during the 2019 CIIE.

Now, magic time!

Robots are getting smarter with the help of AI

"Omron's Forpheus robot will put your ping pong skills to shame”  is a report about Omron's AI robot in 2018. This year, the Japanese company brings the upgraded fifth generation of Forpheus ping-pong robot back to the CIIE.

Equipped with the latest "Sensing&Control+Think" technology, the ping pong robot is getting much smarter.

This time, the robot can not only hit the ping pong ball, but also think and come up with a way to beat you in the game. It can sense and analyze your movement, predict the ball's path and then come up with the best strategies to win.

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Omron's AI technology has been applied in agricultural industry, such as tomato planting. Tomatoes in a greenhouse grew under the care of the "Sensing&Control+Think" system. The system actively monitors every single tomato's growing condition and offers the most suitable light, temperature and humidity.

Data collected during the process will then be summarized into a report, which could make inexperienced farmers less likely to fail.

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The AI technology will also help us create a green environment. The Chinese team of Swiss company ABB is presenting a robotic system offering solutions for automated waste collection and handling in the Equipment Pavilion.

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Yumi, part of the robotic system, is an innovative human-friendly dual arm robot. It works with an AI-based learning system, a vision system and a smart sorting system.

The "dull, dirty, or dangerous" job of spring recyclable materials from trash bins can be taken over by robots in the future!

AI brings you a healthier life

What does a smart home look like? Panasonic from Japan recreated an apartment in the Sci-tech Life Pavilion. The intelligent close-stool and smart mirror have turn the toilet into a private physical examination center.

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According to Wang Zhe from Panasonic, the bedroom and bathroom smart systems are linked. When you are sleeping at night, the sensors on the ceiling measures your sleep quality and health condition and sends it to the bathroom system.

As you get up the next day, standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, your health data will be showed to you.

Depending on the current situation, the system will provide suitable suggestions for you, such as cycling and other fitness events, and even give you advice on what food you may eat that day.

When you are sitting on the toilet at home, all the body statistics including blood pressure and heartbeat data can be displayed on the wall in front of the toilet. It measures muscle mass, heart rate, and body fat from the skin contact area.

AI technology is also bringing hopes to women who suffer from skin problems. Opté from American company P&G introduces a smart facial device. It identifies your skin problem in real-time as it scans your face.

Where to put the serum and how much should I put? Don't be bothered. It will apply the serum accordingly, as it is smart enough to read and recognize spots.


The Opté Precision Skincare System combines camera optics, proprietary algorithms, printing technology and skincare in one device. They believe AI will help everyone in the near future to have clear skin and reveal everyone's natural beauty.

AI in the Hongqiao Forum

The Hongqiao International Economic Forum held on Tuesday is a part of the CIIE, where senior government representative and corporation delegations around the world gathered to discuss various topics.

One of its five parallel sessions is "Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Development: Ideas, Technology and Markets." Participants discussed the latest achievements in AI and shared their expectations of AI impacting economies and changing people's lives.

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"AI is undoubtedly one of the world's fastest-growing technologies in recent years, which brings us unprecedented opportunities," Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam said during a keynote speech at the forum.

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Lam indicated the Hong Kong SAR Government is determined to establish a world-class research cluster focusing on AI and robotics, and set up a Smart Government Innovation Lab to explore the application of AI and relevant technologies.

Panelists also discussed how AI can promote the development and application of new technologies and new ideas, how to drive the development of the world economy and the integration of the global market.

As Richard Li from Qualcomm said in an interview with CGTN on Wednesday, the development of AI and 5G needs cooperation. Li believes one single country or company can never make it happen. An open mindset and humble environment are key elements.

What to expect next? Come back next year to the CIIE, and we may find new answers.

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First, 5G and AI, Artificial Intelligence are two different entities.
For Hong Kong, there is lack of talents to lead due to many reasons. One of them is self centered with belief that Hong Kongers are a rung above Chinese. This mental block is erasing itself mercilessly without they themselves knowing it.

Reason for it is something they must find out themselves!

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it will facilitates the life, but far from changing it.
And I don't approve of drumming up too much excitement about it, like it will be the savior of anyting.
Don't let it cloud our judgement, just like the development of internet in the past 20 years does make our life easier, but does it make any profound changes to the economy on the whole?

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Those AI chats on websites are nonsense. People do better work

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