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Speak English Right Now! 12/23/16 [Copy link] 中文

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Speak English Right Now! 12/23/16
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Good morning.
Today, I will teach two words that are sometimes confused. They are not countable words even though they do indicate a number of things.


Somewhat means ‘a little bit, to some measure of degree or ‘a small amount’ of something.
Somehow means ‘in some ways’ or, ‘by some means’.

The house was somewhat damaged by the strong wind.
Somehow, the house was not destroyed.
The boy was somewhat afraid of taking his exam.
The boy, somehow, got a 98% on the exam.
The man was somewhat anxious about the heavy traffic.
The man, somehow, got to his meeting on time.

Recognize the difference between these two words. They are important in English. Using the right way is also important to sound more like a native English speaker.

That’s all for today.
Goodbye for now.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
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If you want FREE English lessons every day, add me on WeChat.
My WeChat ID: BigTEXZZ

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Excellent! Simple to understand! Easy to remember! WONDERFUL!

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English is the language for commerce and science.
More than two-thirds of the world population converse in English.
More than three-quarters of information on science and technology is reported, exchanged, proceeded and discussed in English.
A good command of English does help to stay abreast with the latest in major fields.
Learn English. It is the single key that unlocks all doors of knowledge.
You guarantee it yourself when you have learnt it!

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