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  • Only today I am back from a five day tour from my home town and village.Its wonderful and surprised to watch the VIP title under my name.It take 11 months to reach this level.It inspired me indeed. Reply
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  • hobbytravelling,cooking,gardening,writing poem and story.

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World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017 2017-03-10
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Berkeley Doctor Claims People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer 2016-06-13
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Our sweetmeat 2016-06-12
This year the muslim fasting  time is hard because of hot weather.At the same time the month is famous for its fruits like varieties kind of ma ...
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renhong 2016-11-11 03:39:33
aziz: Which Renhong you are? Gongyi mei yuan de ma??
I'm Ren Hong. I didn't capitalize the first letter of my family name.
renhong 2016-10-30 00:28:45
aziz: Her mejor is art also.Are you from zhengzhou??
I'm from Inner Mongolia.
Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:12:46
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
renhong 2015-10-15 22:22:31
aziz: Which Renhong you are? Gongyi mei yuan de ma??
Thank you for your greet. My major is Art.
voice_cd 2014-4-2 22:19:48
aziz: Can I post my story right now?I was late to open and see the notice send to me.Pls answer.
What a pity! But if you post your story right now, it is not fair to other people. So we suggest that you can join in this contest next time! It will begin from June to August. We are looking forward your contributions!
manoj10 2013-12-17 00:39:33
aziz: did you vote for me in avatar page??
Really ? Does a thread like that exisit ?
Ted180 2013-9-12 22:20:59
Beautiful art! Love those angels!
alicebrooke 2012-12-29 17:43:18
Thank you, Aziz.

The aziz/Chechen duplicate message below: I have noticed that this bug in the message board happens sometimes, something is clearly out of synchronincity.
laincoubert 2012-12-11 22:27:29
sorry to see you leave
quality person you are
狠狠爱 2012-11-4 20:42:49
hi ,i want to make friends with u .do u have QQ.u can add me ,my qq is 360821038.   wait u   tks
aziz 2012-9-21 14:32:42
All my messages deleted within 30 seconds, I have had all I can take of this viper pit.

If you wish, you can find me at:  .

w ww. politicalforum. com/forum. php

I am T.Koga there. .
Chechen 2012-9-21 12:57:13
All my messages deleted within 30 seconds, I have had all I can take of this viper pit.

If you wish, you can find me at:  .

w ww. politicalforum. com/forum. php

I am T.Koga there
u4really 2012-8-11 21:18:06
how are you my name is miss Amanda, I'm single woman never married, and its my pleasure to write you as well, can i be your friend,reply my  mail please do not for get,(
rachalkis1 2012-8-3 02:00:35
Hello How is your day? My name is Rachal I'm 24 years, from Sudan in northeast Africa. I am 5' 7" tall, Fair in complexion,Single (never married before) I will like us to be good friends shares ideals, exchange of mails and pictures with sincerity. all I need is a friendship with encouragement. I just living alone right now because of my Contending I will tell you more about myself in my next mail, ID will you make me feel happy. Hoping to hear from you soon ... ...
comfortjohnson0 2012-7-27 07:15:54
hello i am comfort

I'm comfort,I saw your profile and desire to know you better.I will appreciate you reply back and tell me more about yourself .You can write to my email address to enable me tell you more about myself.
katybaby 2012-6-27 00:30:58
My name is Katy, I am a young beautiful girl with full of love, caring and also romantic. Well i was impress when i saw your profile and i love it. I think we can click together. In addition, i will like you to reply me through this my email address ( and i will show you my picture then you will know more about me. Please contact me direct to my email address ( so that i will have enough space to attach my foto and send it to you from there you will know m ... ...
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