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  • Real NameMichal Perach
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1957 Year 9 Month 3 Day
  • Graduate schoolTel Aviv university
  • EducationDr.
  • Making friends purposeAccnoledgement
  • HomeĐa lat, Vietnam

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Our brain as an energy source? 2017-09-22
Note: Later, other explanation to "eat" was thought of, simpler and therefore, is preferable. The option suggested in this post is not likely to h ...
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Old consciousness, a year and half year news, and a dream 2017-09-21
This post, as many in this blog, is based on the first post: Who is "I" in dreams. A dream from 23-24 May 2016 night:  at 23:42 - Someone c ...
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The aim of this blog 2017-09-20
As you may guess, as a fundamental fact about life in general has uncovered it may show in different views/many happenings. Many more phenomenons to ...
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A soldier's memories or just a dream 2017-09-19
A dream about a  year ago: Someone got off a ramp/vehicle where more people were standing. A black man very tall, very thin, with small hea ...
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Arbeit macht frei (German: Work brings liberation) 2017-09-17
A dream: 10 Feb 2016 5:20: One, very thin, half naked, with 2 protrudes on his abdomen area and on his side. The protrudes were about 10 cm long, posi ...
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A book about China 2017-09-16
I saw on Chinadaily's website, ~2 days ago, an invitation to writers who are under process of writing a book about China from objective point of view. ...
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