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  • Making friends purpose:read different lives and make friends with worldwide kind-hearted people.

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Forex Trading is a long march to your dream of financial freedom 2017-05-18
From December, 2016, I  started  a tes t for Forex trading based upon a kind of self-designed algorithm. And this version was alread ...
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How to recover quickly from fatigue 2017-02-25
  The last blog I wrote is on Sept. 18, 2016.   During the past five months, so many great things happened to my life and work. ...
(3446) readings|(3) comments
Why family members quarrel over trivial matters so much? 2016-09-18
  I have been perplexed recently by more and more quarrels among my family members, especially after Gaokao.   In fact, our family ...
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Why good men feeling insecure? 2016-09-09
Do you feel that?   Good people nowadays always feel insecure and on alert every second, trying to avoid being cheated of m ...
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I shook my head and I nodded my head 2016-07-30
Toady, I just tell two scenarios I encountered while shopping in a supermarket.   After selecting all the foods and other necessities ...
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More than greetings to my friends after returning from my daughter's Gaokao 2016-07-19
Nearly two months has passed since my last blog dated May 28, 2016. During the past days, I accompanied my daughter's whole process of Gaokao, China ...
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teamkrejados 2016-5-14 12:38:30
I'm delighted to become your friend! You are writing some very exciting, thought-provoking posts. Please continue!
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