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  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1995 Year 4 Month 30 Day
  • BirthplaceChina Jiangsu Wuxi
  • ResidenceChina Jiangsu Wuxi
  • EducationUndergraduate

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How Will AI Affect Our Life? 2016-04-15
  Recently, Google's AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, the world Go Champion. The victories of machine have made AI a hot topic. A debate is therefore ...
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Starting One's Career: A Big City Or A Small Town? 2016-03-11
  Recently, there has emerged a heated discussion concerning the issue of the places where college students should stay after they graduate from ...
(1422) readings|(0) comments
My Spring Festival Stories 2016-02-21
  Spring Festival is also called Guo Nian in Chinese, the most significant traditional Chinese festival, marks the beginning of the Chi ...
(3955) readings|(4) comments
On the Road! 2016-02-14
  As a Chinese saying goes like this: Practice makes perfect. I remember clearly that a teacher once asked me about this issue. Different i ...
(928) readings|(0) comments
Extend Your Own Limits! 2016-02-14
  With the rapid development of science and technology, our living standard has been improved. Such a typical phenomenon is that our daily life ...
(858) readings|(0) comments
What Does Families Means? 2016-01-31
  Have you watched the American TV series called Desperate Housewives ? I have just finished watching it. As for me, what impressed most in the ...
(1348) readings|(4) comments

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mojaveatticus 2017-12-30 12:57:23
hi beautiful, can we be friend
pyh2012 2017-1-1 12:51:43
Hi, dear friend. Happy new year, and wish you everything goes well in the new year!
nancylove55 2016-3-18 02:10:13
hi friend my name is Nancy after
reading your profile i was touch
to write you and be your very good
friend am waiting for your urgent
reply to my Email address so that
i will give you more of my photos
and tell you all about me,
thanks and kiss,
Echo/hanhan 2016-3-15 12:18:20
清迈Elaine: Hello,I saw your blog name was on the list of the winners of blog contest.Have you got the certificate from China Daily?
No, not yet. I also saw your name, congratulations! Believe that we will get the certificate soon, so do not worry
mbursian 2016-2-7 07:35:46
Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
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