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  • Wish you good health and lasting prosperity!Wish you good fortune!Money and treasures will be plentiful!Treasures fill the home and business flourishes! Reply
  • Wish you luck in the Year of the Monkey!Wish you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year!Wish you success in the career and happiness of your family!May all your wishes come true!! Reply
  • Happy New Year's Day! Reply
  • Be true to yourself! Reply
  • Work, as if you don't need any money! Reply
  • I will give myself the sense of security! Reply
  • It's the best that fate could do! Reply
  • Just relax and be happy! Reply
  • Must believe it will work!And everything will be fine! Reply
  • Have to cherish what you have possessed! Reply
  • seems to get better day by day! :) Wish..... Reply
  • There are far,far better things ahead than any we leave behind! Reply
  • Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all of you!I had rice dumplings,red bayberry wine,salted duck eggs today!6-20 Reply
  • Have to be happy! Reply
  • I want to run away.But sadly I can't run away from that!I have no choice but to be brave!Just like years ago!Hope everything will be fine tomorrow! Reply
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  • EducationUndergraduate
  • hobbytravelling,gardening,listening to music,cooking,reading,taking exercise

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Do you know Bai Xiang? 2016-11-01
     Bai Xiang( 白鲞 )is a kind of preserved fish. I consulted a dictionary for Bai Xiang. It can be translated as dried salted y ...
(2011) readings|(4) comments
Cook crucian carp soup for the first time! 2016-06-12
Fish is my favorite food. I also like drinking a little soup during dinner. So fish soup will be the best choice to combine them together. Crucian ...
(1099) readings|(2) comments
Have you eaten yummy fried rice with pineapples? 2016-05-08
        Pineapples are in season now. There are many varieties of pineapples in fruit stores. The other day I chose a Taiwan p ...
(6689) readings|(8) comments
What local people eat for Spring Festival? 2016-02-14
      People from north of China eat dumplings during Spring Festival while people from southern part of China eat rice cake. Rice c ...
(1170) readings|(0) comments
Have you eaten Jiangyourou? 2016-02-09
       Today I’d like to introduce a kind of traditional food which is a must for local people here during the Spring Festiv ...
(1461) readings|(2) comments
Delicious Coca Cola chicken wings! 2016-01-13
      I heard long ago that some people used Coca Cola to cook chicken wings. It is said that the dish looks appealing and it taste ...
(15053) readings|(36) comments

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mauriciomunhoz 6 DayEarlier
hi, where do you live?
GhostBuster 2017-3-12 17:20:30
Thank you for accepting me to be your friend. Hope to learn more about your hometown and China.
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