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Recent comments
  • My Russian Mentality: Understanding me 2014-8-29 09:53

    Many of the things you write about: 'Russians appearing to argue loudly and being standoffish' are not especially Russian. I sometimes wonder if the women in my apartment complex will start pulling each other's hair out when, in fact they are just loudly discussing.
    I can understand your caution, dear. I grew up in Berlin, Germany when it was still divided. Although I was in the west part,  the thought of Stazi were never far away and we lived in fear... but probably not as deep a fear as you did (do?)
    One small note regarding grammar: "... and their always asking questions..." 'their' - refers to property. Their shoes, or their children.  They're is a contraction of 'they are'. That is the proper form for this sentence. I hope you can accept this gentle correction.

  • My Russian Mentality: Understanding me 2014-8-28 22:55

    Thanks for your Russian reflections on Russian idiosyncrasies. What you wrote certainly has weight. May I add another angle? I think Russians tend to be rather melancholy people; open gaiety is not their cup of tea. They come across as moody and introverted rather than outgoing. I think the climate is part of a formative force in this disposition. Winters are excessively long and harsh; summers short. The exuberance and joie de vivre that Italians have must by necessity be alien to Russians.

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