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Is Trump's Impeachment a Definite Possibility? 2017-07-11
It seems that a new Trump's scandal or controversy surfaces on the venues of the media on a daily basis. One may wonder about reasons behind his abi ...
(11187) readings|(2) comments
The Universal Positive Impact of the Chinese Culture 2017-01-29
At the beginning of each year, I, usually, take few moments to reflect upon my life and its path. This year, I focused on the positive impact of the ...
(6612) readings|(2) comments
The Disappointments of 2016 and the hopes for 2017 2017-01-04
The year 2016 is coming to an end. Most people in the Western countries consider it to be a year of complete chaos, utter turmoil, horrible tragedie ...
(8626) readings|(3) comments
Trump's Aggressive Attitude Toward China 2016-12-24
Most Chinese along with their government were hoping that Trump would realize the importance of establishing equal partnership with China which coul ...
(7992) readings|(7) comments
China's White Paper, an Elaborate Map to a Bright Future 2016-12-16
On Thursday, December 1 st , the Chinese government issued a white paper emphasizing Chinese right to development and elaborating o ...
(6800) readings|(0) comments
President Xi, a World Class Leader 2016-12-10
Leaders come and go but few are fortunate enough to leave their marks on the world stage.    The fundamental question should be ...
(6898) readings|(1) comments

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Sava 2015-12-9 08:44:07
I am still in China. I would be more than delighted to figure out a way to meet face to face if you have the desire to do so. Currently, I am in Xinyang, Henan. You can email me at yahoo. My yahoo email is:

Another option, you can provide me with an email addresss and I would be happy to email you and then you can respond to my message.

May your day be filled with joy, exhilaration and enlightenment!
teamkrejados 2015-12-8 20:43:24
Sava : How are you doing? I am not certain if you do remember the  fact that we corresponded for a while. I hope that you are having a wonderful time in Chi ... In fact I do remember we enjoyed conversation. Thanks for reaching out again! I've been away from  our forum for a while, but we can continue chatting now. How have you been? Are you in China? Where? NOTE: I don't seem to be able to email any hotmail addresses... we may have to continue chatting this way. ...
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