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  • Wow....we have a home page? I am often stumped by this website, there are so many parts I still havent seen. It could be more user friendly... Reply
  • Real NameSean Boyce
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1988 Year 6 Month 8 Day
  • BirthplaceUnited Kingdom Scotland
  • ResidenceChina Heilongjiang Harbin
  • Graduate schoolUniversity of Glasgow
  • EducationMaster
  • Professionsalsa dancing, english teaching, language learning extraordinaire...or something like that
  • Making friends purposeto be friendly
  • hobbyCuban salsa and Bachata, reading, writing, running, Chess, learning languages, Eating and the odd cheeky cigarette

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Should we respect tradition? 2016-09-04
Should we respect tradition? By Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 It's been a long time since I wrote a blog for here. Life catches up with you and priorities get s ...
(13329) readings|(19) comments
If you don't read this, you aren't Chinese!!!! 2016-04-15
If you don't share this, you aren't Chinese! 你不转你不是中国人 If you don't read this blog, China has failed! 如果你不读 ...
(18069) readings|(21) comments you hate movies and TV? 2016-04-01 you hate movies and TV? by Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 labixiaoxin (crayon chin chin) I watch tv and movies, I wouldn't say a lot but ...
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Quitting smoking and some things you need to know! 2016-03-31
Quitting smoking and some things you need to know! By Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 Today marks the one month celebration of quitting smoking for myself. T ...
(7610) readings|(34) comments
The A4 paper challenge, destroying China. 2016-03-21
The A4 Paper challenge destroying China! by Sean Boyce 柏笑恩 In the last week or two I have seen the rise of the A4 paper challenge, basically fo ...
(15332) readings|(40) comments
a very belated 2015 blog 2016-03-09
Hello again everyone, it has been a long time since I have posted here due to various reasons. I said I would do an end of 2015 blog about what I had ...
(8325) readings|(18) comments

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YowieChen 2019-4-15 17:30:57
You are now known to me as the salsa sean... wooolaa.....
wully 2018-4-11 12:52:10
happy to know you from this blog.i like studying foreign language,too.especially english.i know you are an english teacher.could you give me some suggestions on english. study thank you in advance.i am waiting for your reply.
teamkrejados 2016-6-21 11:19:27
I thank you again for your staunch (and vociferous!) support against my bully and now, her cohort. When I finally make it to Harbin, I'll owe you several beers . I've found that the best way to fight a bully is to not respond: she can't 'feed' when there's no reaction. She outed herself in the comments to the article about her. If she were of a mindset to learn anything from me or this experience, I could teach her what it means to be given enough rope to hang herself with - a phrase she to ... ...
SEARU 2016-5-18 06:15:50
Thanks for your red flowers on 05-11! Great encouragement for my writing!
FernOritiz 2016-3-25 20:51:00
I read some of your article from the forum, and i was impressed by your logic and mind, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your sharing.
samlam 2016-3-19 12:47:30
seanboyce88: you should delete your email from nancylove55, last year the exact same message was on everyones message boards, they want to send you emails with vir ...
Thank you
nancylove55 2016-3-18 02:36:20
hi friend my name is Nancy after
reading your profile i was touch
to write you and be your very good
friend am waiting for your urgent
reply to my Email address so that
i will give you more of my photos
and tell you all about me,
thanks and kiss,
jing-li-justine 2015-12-24 16:07:34
seanboyce88 : I like how you do your pieces in many parts, it's a nice and different style, great job! Thanks .But I'll be honest with you: I did this only because the story was too long and I didn't finish typing it by the deadline. So I broke it into three parts and uploaded the first two before the third one on the following day. ...
jing-li-justine 2015-12-24 16:00:55
seanboyce88 : I like how you do your pieces in many parts, it's a nice and different style, great job! Thanks.   But I'll be honest with you: I did this only because the story was too long and I didn't finish typing all the three parts before the deadline.  So I broke  them into three parts and uploaded the first two parts before I posted the third one on the following day. ...
KIyer 2015-12-16 11:45:17
thank you for your comment on my blog, Sean! Wish you well and happy holidays!
zhenlan2016 2015-12-14 21:17:23
seanboyce88: Errr...I have a lot of work to do myself in all honesty
All right.
zhenlan2016 2015-12-14 21:12:19
Could you help me finish my homework?I want to ask you some questions?
cestmoi 2015-11-15 08:49:18
Dear Sean,

Mate, I am trying to flush out the extremists and haters here, please play along, don't walk off.

Kind Regards
mutafire 2014-6-5 23:31:33
Seanboyce88, dude... it has been a while since i heard from you, did something heavy fall on you? Come back to CD!
robert237 2014-6-4 09:23:37
seanboyce88 : Hey, I know sometimes we give each other a hard time on the forums and stuff... but seriously, I hope you had a good holiday and the pictures looked  ... We did have a good time and will probably forget about going to Europe. There's plenty to see in North America and flying is something I will do for work but not for enjoyment. I'll suffer jumping through hoops for visas for work too, but not for enjoyment. I've been a subject of capitalism my whole life and ... ...
llluosi 2014-5-22 21:21:37
Hello,nice to know u,i learned u from the passage of China daily---"how to make friend with foreinger " ,i think the passage is useful and  true~~so, i wanna make friend with u,could i ?
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