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My grandfather’s best friend - 莫若愚 2014-11-03
A few months ago, when I was visiting family in Guiyang, my uncle told me that my grandfather’s best friend was a very famous man in China. Due ...
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Umm...was that racist? 2014-06-03
I recently travelled to Inner Mongolia with my husband (white American), coworker (white American), and her boyfriend (a very dark skinned Thai). Why ...
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How I incorporated Chinese culture into my wedding 2014-05-19
Although I am totally a romantic at heart, I have never been the type of girl to fantasize about my "dream wedding" so when my boyfriend of 5 years pr ...
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Chinese is not the hardest language after all 2014-05-16
A study of language difficulties shows that Chinese only ranks in the 5th category of “Fairly Hard” as opposed to the “Extremely Hard” Polish l ...
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The Temple of Heaven and the Temple of Earth 2014-05-16
There is a Chinese saying, “天圆地方” that means heaven is round and earth is square. The Temple of Heaven has a beautiful complex of raised circu ...
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Chinese Affinity for Numbers 2014-05-10
Most of the information in this blog comes from The Secret Message Inside Chinese URLs: Decoding  and from my personal experien ...
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Kabisco751 2014-5-20 01:53:45
Hi, is great to be connected with you. You are most welcome.we can be liaising with each other sharing ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
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