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The Question of Term Limits 2018-01-01
What defines a nation - its people, or its leadership?   It is a question that many of a country through human history have faced, just as ...
(506) readings|(3) comments
The Trouble with Sin Taxes is the Need to Find New Sins… 2017-10-02
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 It has been a while since I posted an article here at the China Daily. ...
(542) readings|(2) comments
A Reminder from the Past about the Long March of Innovation 2017-08-07
A few weeks ago, the editors at the China Daily asked if I could quickly type up an article about China’s ability to innovate.   They touc ...
(465) readings|(0) comments
CNN Can No Longer Use the ‘Moral High Ground’ with P.R. China 2017-07-06
For those ‘old China Hands’/American Expats that have been posting on P.R. Chinese websites over the years, there has always been a bit of am ...
(459) readings|(0) comments
Yellow Man’s Burden - The Limits of Power Projection Shown with the Belt and Ro 2017-06-12
Some time ago, in the forums of the China Daily BBS, there was a request from the management for folks like myself to take some time to talk abou ...
(1130) readings|(9) comments
Follow up to My "Observation" Articles - Then a Question to the Reader 2017-05-22
As you can see from the attached graphic below - the official election results for the County of Cook for the April 7, 2017 elections ...
(1204) readings|(4) comments

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Kabisco751 2014-5-31 21:00:26
I have published a blog about "Sierra Leone Calling for Foreign Trade  and Foreign Direct Investment".Sierra leone,Will welcome any interested   partner in fulfilling his/her Trade or Investment dreams to come true .
Regards from Sierra Leone
Kabisco751 2014-5-27 10:40:41
Hey, it has been a while not liaising .Anyway,I want to start publishing some of my articles and papers(cut across economics, trade, management, Finance,Banking etc) but will want you help me with the conditions of your Journal in terms of cost and framework.
I will kindly appreciate your kind help in anticipation
Best regards
Kabisco751 2014-5-25 04:21:26
African Day is quite a memorable and interesting occasion in the life of Africans in the whole world.On that note, the Liaoning University African student Association(LUASA) did a grand style celebration on Saturday the 24th of May 2014 to recognize this wonderful event.Look forward for my next post for an update on that.
tradervic 2014-5-21 08:53:38
Kabisco751 2014-5-19 14:40:17
To be connected is vital as we share ideas, knowledge,cultural differences and be able to learn from each other.
My warm regards
Kabisco751 2014-5-17 14:29:42
Hi tradervic,
It has been long, Is good to be liaising with each other .
Alice-Xu 2014-3-7 17:36:48
hello,very glad to be friend with u!
seclusive 2014-2-2 09:42:42
tradervic: Hello
seclusive 2014-1-31 07:48:55
good day break,sir.
i am from china.
the only china be.
KIyer 2013-10-12 13:03:46
This is what I tried to post on your blog comment. The validation failed.. Yes, it is galling on many levels and to see the freedoms go to waste because enough people have not taken on the responsibility that come with them. It is not just the US, India is a classic case since its declaration of Independence in 1947. But then, in both cases, there has been a constant manipulation of the system and its portrayal in the media and the rot has set in deep as I see it. I think the voting system ... ...
Vicky_ 2013-9-25 23:52:19
Wow,it's amazing.
KIyer 2013-8-29 09:22:36
I liked your posting on 'Good' guanxi!
voice_cd 2013-8-16 15:05:13
Hello, I am the moderator of this forum. Congratulations! We are glad to inform you that you are one of these blog winners! You will get a prize for your contribution to this blog system. Please send us email to comment"# “ (switch # with @) and tell us the detailed address you want us to send the prize to, including your post code, telephone number and of course the name of the receiver.
tonywang123 2013-6-15 23:46:24
China's northwest is worth seeing, come on. 2013-4-19 16:15:27
Viewed all these wonderful pictures and articles you've shared, you are really fantastics, thank you for sharing what you've got, look forward to reading more in the future. By the way, i'd like to add you as a friend, hopefully, you would accept my invitation, thank you!Wish you all the best!
Paul.Kellerman 2013-3-20 11:37:59
I want to add you up in my list, will you?
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