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  • Professionprofessional writer and physician
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Whom Can You Trust? 2015-12-05
Modern China is a great ongoing experiment, a place of many extremes never before seen in history. Casual observers marvel at its giant cities ...
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WHO'S YOUR DADDY? 2015-09-25
The United States plays host to many world leaders. This week both Pope Francis and Xi Jinping are here. I'd like to ask Xi and the CCP how they f ...
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Chinese just adore traveling. In the 70s and 80s, tourists from a prosperous Japan flooded into big destination cities in the US, much like Chines ...
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The subject of gender identity has been receiving worldwide buzz after the recent US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, making it legal nationwi ...
(1653) readings|(0) comments
Premier Li recently went to a coffee shop in Beijing, ordered a vanilla cappucino, and his server admitted to being so nervous he had to make six ...
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Are You a Control Freak? 2015-02-09
Westerners may wonder why Chinese people are always so bossy. You should eat this, it'll help your digestion. Buy this, not that; do this, don't d ...
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SharkMinnow 2014-8-27 12:27:04
You do know how to open a can of worms.
Kabisco751 2014-6-1 14:48:58
I have published a blog about "Sierra Leone Calling for Foreign Trade  and Foreign Direct Investment".Sierra leone,Will welcome any interested   partner in fulfilling his/her Trade or Investment dreams to come true .
Regards from Sierra Leone.
MichaelM 2014-5-17 13:01:58
lexalee, I'm withdrawing from the blogger contest. I only mentioned the contest on 3 of the QQ Groups I'm on and some other social networking sites. I didn't even ask for people to vote for me; just to go vote. Nonetheless, I'm getting too many votes and have told Victor, the blog editor, that I want to withdraw. China Daily honored me with Top Blogger of 2013. I'm also a Star Blogger on here. It is enough for me. I already have 2 of the 3 prizes that they're offering. I don't need more. ... ...
SEARU 2014-4-22 19:39:25
You  are  a  doctor  and  good  at  writing ; I  have  new  blog <<  talk  more  on  smoking >> .    When   you  are  free ,  please  have  a  look .  I  think  your  comment  would  be  valuable .   ... ...
lexalee 2014-4-16 11:54:48
marriages are not between 2 individuals in China, but 2 families. social status and wealth preservation are more important than romance.
Huebie 2014-4-15 20:33:44
China has a fascinating concept of "matching doors" which means similar backgrounds and status. I know one young woman who broke up with her boyfriend after her parents checked into his family.
SEARU 2014-4-14 07:39:37
I  feel  happy  for  your  visiting  to  my  blog- space .    Maybe  you  have  read  the  article  titled  <<the  way  of   washing>> .   In  china ,   the  bad  air  conditions  have  troubled  people  a  ... ...
SEARU 2014-4-11 11:30:05
lexalee : If you have brief, specific questions, please ask, but I'm afraid I haven't the time to give you any extensive help. Thank  for  your  message .   I  feel  delighted  you  are  good  at  medical  science .   My  question  is  the    following : A  man  has  become  seriou ... ...
watersun 2014-3-18 16:53:46
The blog you wrote about innovation makes me to rethink the education system rooted in Chinese culture. When I was a young student, I almot got nothing but the way to pass an examination. I don't think I was a student who did not want to be creative . The fault is from the way of education.
remitrom 2014-2-20 17:43:41
lexalee: Thank you for reading. What business are you in?
I am in the music business, in a way...  I do a "head-phone amplifier"  however face many difficulties,  So perhaps I will get a teaching position, since I am already here  and live in Shenzhen..
remitrom 2014-2-19 20:13:56
I just want to say thanks for your blog(s).  Having lived in China off and on for the past 2 years I can relate to your experiences with the culture differences. Well written. My perspective may be slightly different as I am a small businessman in Guangdong province.
MichaelM 2014-1-14 08:50:48
Lexalee, I might have mentioned this to you before. I ran into a very interesting situation with a lady here when I used the word 'sexy'. I had heard several younger teachers use the word quite freely. Thus, I thought it was an acceptable English word here. Later I found out that it could be offensive to describe a woman as 'sexy.' To me as an American (I can't speak for all Americans and what they think), it doesn't mean that I want to have sex with a woman. It isn't a come on. I might des ... ...
memocamo 2014-1-3 21:29:51
Hi there, gooood to read your blog here, and the food seems tastable too May I know your email?</
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