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GhostBuster 7 DayEarlier
You are not free from it!
VancouverCanuck 2017-4-18 21:49:44
GhostBuster: Yes, you know that SPREADING RUMOUR is punishable by law!
You could try and see what happens!
Why should I, when you are doing such a wonderful job of it yourself. Besides, not being in China myself, I am impervious to Chinese law.
GhostBuster 2017-3-16 16:10:54
I still could not add you to my WeChat!
茉莉儿 2017-3-16 15:56:48
GhostBuster: Thank you very much!
You say you are from Yinchuan, Ningxia.
I am so glad because I was there sometime back.
City is so peaceful. The morning sees fol ...
Beautiful as usual.
GhostBuster 2017-3-14 20:17:57
Gold glisters. Diamond reflects.
The surfaces of a diamond must be cut after some calculation for the incident, transmitted, refracted, relfected and emerging rays to meet at some points.
emanreus 2017-3-14 19:29:06
GhostBuster Post time: 2017-3-13 10:52
    Silence is golden.
    Unfortunately, not all that glister is gold, at least for you!

Your right I'm not gold I'm a glistening Dimond
My post was a reply to above post.

NOT to you.
I got the feeling my friend dusty is able to manipulate the content.
GhostBuster 2017-3-7 18:33:11
Who are they?
Those who do not behave properly and appropriately should be disciplined.
emanreus 2017-3-7 17:51:11
Why do you attack your own friends?
shehemego 2017-2-20 14:36:10
GhostBuster: Wonderful garden!
Thanks for your visit.
Gayle 2017-2-18 03:15:39
Hello, I just discovered that we are friends!  Yet I don't know anything about you! What seems strange in these forums is that I can't find a way to look up a member's old posts, which seems like it would be the best way to start learning about a member and his or her thoughts. I am from the USA and I am a retired teacher aged 64.  I am very interested in the subject of education policy.  I also enjoy cultural exchange.  What about you? Gayl ... ...
GhostBuster 2017-2-14 17:00:39
Strange! However, thank you for your message. It clears up!
SunnyWang2004 2017-2-14 15:00:13
GhostBuster: Please note that for address and location, the English way is to start from the smallest unit to the largest. So, you should have Zhengzhou City, Hena ...
Thanks for your advice. Ye, you're absolutely right. But I can do nothing with it because it's the  work of the system.
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