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Share An Ode to that 12 Millionth Pig
mutafire 2014-7-6 10:17
An Ode to that 12 Millionth Pig
Yesterday I dropped off the GPS and went out of the Wi-FI infested city to a Chinese village on a mission to inspire children into learning English. A village so rural, people brought their grandfathers to take a picture with me because they have never seen a foreigner. A sleepy town of mostly senior citizens; dusty town, green with crops and everyone trying to sell everyone something. So typical a village, my host’s son in-law, a po ...
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Share Parents Parents Everywhere I see Parents
mutafire 2014-7-4 07:22
There was hubbub and general chatter; everyone was excited at the prospect of an English teacher at this particular school that I will not name for obvious reasons. I was late, I got off at the wrong stop, and someone had to rush to go and retrieve my sorry remains. I was hurried into the school yard on an electric bike that was so low that I thought it should be a toy and not a serious tool for perambulation between real points in the concrete jungle of more than 4 milli ...
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Share Holy Rocks Selling like Hot Cakes…
mutafire 2014-7-4 06:27
Holy Rocks Selling like Hot Cakes…
Scratch that, cakes are for the young or the fat; these rocks are selling like holy rocks, literally. Because they are holy. I have seen humongous rock features in front on some important building in China, I always thought the construction companies were lazy in demolishing and just made a monument of them - I was wrong and it is sad that it took me all this time to realize. One weekend, just a while ago, I went to see Mount Tai, in Ta ...
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Share Is that a Penis in the Shandong Skyline?
mutafire 2014-7-2 08:30
Is that a Penis in the Shandong Skyline?
Not that it is, but it could well be. I was blissfully galloping in the capital of Shandong, Jinan, with a friend from Hebei. She is an unquestioningly a conservative and traditional Chinese girl. The moment her eyes met the building, she chuckled and she was like... "that building looks like a penis, why did they let them build it in the city center?" I followed her eyes. I have lived in Jinan since I learned what to say after 'Nihao' and i never gave it a thought, ...
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Share 18 Years Without Dad
mutafire 2014-6-15 09:28
This father’s day marks exactly 18 years since my dad died. I was a kid when he left, never really felt the gap or the pain, and grew up under uncles that quickly filled his gap, but still…I miss Simeon. He was tall, almost 2 meters, always had glasses on because of all the chemistry he had to study. Galloping in his safari suits and whistling about as he fumbled with his bunch of keys - keys for the laboratory, his office and who knows what other rooms he manned. After s ...
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Share Why Westerners belittle Chinese
mutafire 2014-6-11 11:32
Why Westerners belittle Chinese
When I set sail for China, my family and friends were grave worried. Some cited diseases such as bird flu, some air pollution, some warned me never eat meat saying it is usually human or dog meat. Some warned me to stay off Chinese women because they are emotional wrecks. Some said the government here is a dictatorship and I would not survive with my loud mouth and my love for Facebook and Twitter. One year on in China, I sit back and laugh at the hysteria but I started ...
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Share Dont try this at Home
mutafire 2014-6-10 03:38
Dont try this at Home
This... is esoteric Signed Mutafire, SC
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Share Man vows to go 21 years without shoes for sister
mutafire 2014-6-7 01:46
Man vows to go 21 years without shoes for sister
People go extra miles for their relatives but among those people, the story of one Shailendra Yadav comes out somewhere on top, second to only very few. He sits back comfortably in his maroon chair making money from sales from his hardware shop in Mzuzu in northern Malawi in Central Africa, breathing the sweet incense-scented air. To his customers he is just another Indian guy trying to make money, to those who get a chance to talk to him, Yadav is a legend. Back ...
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Share [topic] How Internship sent me straight from class to dream job
mutafire 2014-6-5 09:55
[topic] How Internship sent me straight from class to dream job
In my country, to work for this paper is bliss, it is at the top of every journalist’s wishes. Despite the many graduates that get churned out every year, only the lucky few can get in and I did, and it was all started with an internship. As we were about to write our final exams, the HOD came to class and asked if anyone wanted to intern for The Nation Newspaper from a rural town - no one wanted – just me. Lesson number one: do not be picky. I went to t ...
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Share Snake on the Changsha Train!
mutafire 2014-6-3 08:39
Snake on the Changsha Train!
It all started with an Iphone. Of all things one could buy in China, my sister asked for an Iphone. And I still have the Whatsapp recording she sent after I told her that I had bought one for her. She said: ‘Iphoooone, I phoneee Bra…. Haw haw hawwww,’ yes, like a rugby team. That is why I needed to go to Changsha. A friend from my university days was briefly visiting Changsha and if my sister was to have the phone any sooner, I needed to go to Changsha. The ti ...
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