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Share Would you dare these steps?
mutafire 2015-5-5 15:14
Would you dare these steps?
Captured at a theme park just outside Shandong Jinan...
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Share Fine China: Suzhou - Zhongzuang-Shanghai
mutafire 2015-4-28 16:08
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Share Lewis Hamilton - Jerk or Innocent Winner?
mutafire 2015-4-14 08:06
Lewis Hamilton - Jerk or Innocent Winner?
Lewis Hamilton, 30, sealed victory in Shanghai at Chinese Grand Prix yesterday, his second win in three races. He celebrated with 'trademark' move of spraying champagne in the face of the hostess - much to her surprise. But Object, which campaigns against sexism, said he should apologise for his 'selfish and inconsiderate' actions. Others called the driving ace 'an embarrassment to the UK', while another said it showed he was an 'ignorant clown'&nbs ...
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Share Wombs for Rent are not such a Bad Idea
mutafire 2015-4-14 07:07
CCTV reported on 10 April that the Chinese authorities are upping up their clampdown on surrogate pregnancies, a situation where couples who for some reason cannot bear children, have their fertilized egg planted in another woman for the rest of the gestation period. CCTV said experts say that the practice, dubbed “wombs-for-rent,” poses health risks to the women and raises legal and ethical questions. The arti ...
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Share Is Using ‘People Nearby’ cheating?
mutafire 2015-4-11 09:28
Haha, come on, man, you really thought I would say it is not cheating? You are too optimistic. As my ex used to say, every person using the people nearby feature has some problem. For the benefit of slow learners, the so-called ‘People Nearby’ here would be any GPS based application that lets you view people also logged into a similar application but within your vicinity. WeChat ...
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Share The European Response to the Kenyan Massacre is Offensive
mutafire 2015-4-11 08:24
Gunmen allegedly linked to the now notorious Al Shabab recently wreaked havoc in Kenya extinguishing 147 young intellectual lives at Garissa University. The images of the dead lying in pools of blood and the accounts recounted by survivors are bloodcurdling. France has just announced that it would pay fees for 109 students injured in the attack to, in the words of the French ambassador to Kenya, Remi Marechaux , help Kenya deal with the thr ...
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Share A Beginner’s Get-Laid-Quick Guide to China
mutafire 2015-4-3 13:48
A Beginner’s Get-Laid-Quick Guide to China
So, you are in China, you are in your sexual prime and you are willing and able? Well, you have landed. In this country, there are 20 million more men than women under the age of 30; that is serious competition, brother. Also considering that 4 out of every 5 women between the ages of 25-29 are married. Zenme ban? Do not sweat . You can read the above statistic backwards ...
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Share Back to Blogging - The Master Plan
mutafire 2015-3-26 15:49
Management at China Daily declared me winner of the last installment of the Blogging competition that ended with the year 2014. I know many people who are better writers than me, but I still accepted the prize because I am greedy. This April, I am hoping to restart my blogging after a wee break. And the whole of April, I will blog about sex and relationships. Everything about the topic that I can think of, I will put to paper. I will make wild accusations and draw outrageous conclusions but a ...
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Share Chinese Restaurant in Kenya: "No Blacks Here"
mutafire 2015-3-26 15:42
Almost all people that live in Kenya are black, all shades of black, ebony black, pitch black, chocolate black and the type of black you would accept. With all that data in mind, a Chinese family had the audacity to set up a restaurant in Kenya and then put up a notice saying that Africans were not allowed in the eatery. Black country, black democracy, with non-discrimination clauses in the constitution and then one person, a foreigner, by the way, says, oh, I can expl ...
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Share Will China and USA fight in our Lifetime?
mutafire 2014-12-11 07:49
“If China continues its impressive economic growth over the next few decades, the US and China are likely to engage in an intense security competition with considerable potential for war,” wrote American realist, John Mearsheimer, in his opening remarks of his argument that ‘China’s rise will not be peaceful at all .’ Thucydides wrote that the Peloponnesian War was inspired by the fear which the rise of Athens caused in an established Sparta. This has come to ...
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