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Share Back to Blogging - The Master Plan
mutafire 2015-3-26 15:49
Management at China Daily declared me winner of the last installment of the Blogging competition that ended with the year 2014. I know many people who are better writers than me, but I still accepted the prize because I am greedy. This April, I am hoping to restart my blogging after a wee break. And the whole of April, I will blog about sex and relationships. Everything about the topic that I can think of, I will put to paper. I will make wild accusations and draw outrageous conclusions but a ...
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Share Chinese Restaurant in Kenya: "No Blacks Here"
mutafire 2015-3-26 15:42
Almost all people that live in Kenya are black, all shades of black, ebony black, pitch black, chocolate black and the type of black you would accept. With all that data in mind, a Chinese family had the audacity to set up a restaurant in Kenya and then put up a notice saying that Africans were not allowed in the eatery. Black country, black democracy, with non-discrimination clauses in the constitution and then one person, a foreigner, by the way, says, oh, I can expl ...
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Share Will China and USA fight in our Lifetime?
mutafire 2014-12-11 07:49
“If China continues its impressive economic growth over the next few decades, the US and China are likely to engage in an intense security competition with considerable potential for war,” wrote American realist, John Mearsheimer, in his opening remarks of his argument that ‘China’s rise will not be peaceful at all .’ Thucydides wrote that the Peloponnesian War was inspired by the fear which the rise of Athens caused in an established Sparta. This has come to ...
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Share A Shower a Day …In Your Dreams
mutafire 2014-9-30 04:45
“How many students are in this school?” I asked. About a thousand, I was told “Where are the showers?” I asked. ‘There are no showers here,’ said the kid. I went blank, silent if you will. That was me in Shandong Linyi. This just past summer I chose to volunteer as an English teacher at Menglianggu Middle school. Menglianggu is in Linyi. I loved my summer adventure, the kids loved ...
Personal category: Commentary|2382 views|4 comments Popularity 6
Share For Your Travel Orgasm, Ask Jinan
mutafire 2014-9-30 03:57
For Your Travel Orgasm, Ask Jinan
Self-contained, elegant and classic – it’s hard to write about Jinan without appearing as if in league with the city’s tourism board. I don’t even know the mayor, I am a mere laowai, I just like this city, here is why. The waters With 72 springs inside the urban area, Jinan is known for its waters, the very symbol of the city is a giant blue spring roll. Of course having springs means no subway, but the waters are worth it, big among them are the Daming Lake, the Springs B ...
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Share Meeting My Translator
mutafire 2014-9-23 08:55
I had to undertake a certain activity and from it all, it is the translator that came out as my biggest highlight and this is his and my story. I entered the quite room, full of women, Chinese women…fat, tall, slim and thin, and each in company of a ward. I was a little intimidated, but was ushered to a couch next to my translator, a fellow man and it was a big relief. He introduced himself, an honourable fellow from a foreign language school. Tall, young, handsome, shy a ...
Personal category: Lifestyle|2374 views|4 comments Popularity 4
Share China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring
mutafire 2014-9-15 05:09
China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring
As someone who is passionate about abortion, among other issues, I trekked to Jinan Maternity and Children Healthcare Hospital to check out the abortion scene in China…fly on the wall style. On the third floor of the hospital a crowd of couples wait for their names to be called out on the PA. Girls, women, ladies and men stream in and out of the establishment clasping papers detailing appointments, medical tests results and other whatnots. At th ...
Personal category: Health|14969 views|8 comments Popularity 5
Share The Biggest Hit in China Right Now
mutafire 2014-8-21 11:34
Arguably. It is a cheap song, really. Crude lyrics, lyrics over a common techno beat. But this song has won over the hearts of many Chinese folks, from kids to the advanced in age. When I first heard it, I was like, hey it is just one of those songs, but three weeks later, it was bigger. Advertisers are looping it along their sales chants, restaurants and street vendors are blasting it and by my calculation, it should be very popular in the Karaoke booths. T ...
Personal category: Lifestyle|2596 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Summer Jam
mutafire 2014-8-21 10:37
Summer Jam
Is it Summer where you are? Are you at the beach or at least in some cool water? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, here is my advice... ask for permission to go to the top floor of the nearest tall building, open the window and jump. Reporting from the cleanest, quietest, least crowded, cheapest beach in all of the Middle Kingdom, this is Mutafire in Rizhao.
Personal category: Lifestyle|10114 views|6 comments Popularity 4
Share Not So Han Hao
mutafire 2014-8-9 10:59
I went to my favourite restaurant this other day and I saw it all, it still haunts me to this day. And it was just the first in a string of signs that seem to indicate that Chinese people are only united on national issues… See a huge Chinese brother, bare muscles, tattoos and all accidentally tripped a woman splattering her food all across the restaurant. Naturally, the woman freaks and throws a tantrum at the brother, the brother doesn’t apologise, he stands up shou ...
Personal category: Commentary|4031 views|20 comments Popularity 9

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