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Share Pink sunset
2017-5-1 18:45
Pink sunset
There was a very beautiful pink sunset where I live this evening and took a photo of it for you - I was at work when I noticed the pink sky and it was so beautiful that I had to stop to take a photo. The camera on my phone is not very good and you really cant appreciate just how awesome the sky looked today at sunset from my photo but you get the idea. It was a really beautiful sunset. We often get awesome pink and purple sunsets here in Australia this time of year. Apparently the reason f ...
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Share From Semi-Pro to Pro
2017-4-21 00:28
From Semi-Pro to Pro
I am from Australia and when I was a young kid in the 80s all of the athletes that played team sports in Australia were still semi-pro. In my state NSW the most popular footy code was/is Rugby League and back in the 80s even the best players all had jobs on top of their football contracts. For many of the good players their rugby league clubs would set them up with jobs that were flexible and these jobs were often token jobs of sorts but like I said, back in the 80s even the best pla ...
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Share Did Hitler use chemical weapons in WW2?
2017-4-13 00:53
Did Hitler use chemical weapons in WW2?
The big news out of USA today is that White House press secretary Sean Spicer has said that Hitler did not use chemical weapons during WW2 and even though this is true many people are outraged because gas was used by the Germans to kill prisoners in concentration camps. The outraged are all rolling their eyes and asking if Sean Spicer knows history. Many are calling for Sean Spicer to lose his job as White House press secretary over his comments. In my opinion all of the outrage is utterly rid ...
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Share Your favourite The Carpenters song?
2017-4-7 22:37
Your favourite The Carpenters song?
When I was a little kid in the early 80s I used to have to drive around in the back of my parents car with them - like kids do - and my parents would often play music they liked on the cars cassette player. I am first born and my mother had me when she was 19 I think - she was young, and my father is a couple of years older than her, so they liked a lot of 70s type music. So on of my most traumatic childhood memories was having to listen to the Don McLean song 'American Pie'. For some reason I ...
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Share What video games do you like?
2017-3-28 03:25
What video games do you like?
I was just thinking about video games and how I dont really like playing them apart from the Total War series which is a strategy series that lets you take control of a nation at a certain point in history. The Total War games have a simple turn based civilization/empire building side to them - and a battle sequence. You can play the simple civilization building side of the game and simulate the battles but the reason Total War is such a great game is because of the battle side of ...
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Share Know how the world works
2017-3-25 23:55
USA is the leader state of the global community and holder of the reserve currency status. It is USA that designed the post-WW2 economic systems - Bretton Woods Systems and USA continues to control the global economy to this day. USA, as leader state, holder of reserve status and the architect of the post-WW2 systems of monetary management and the rules for commercial and financial relations is ultimately responsible for the state of the world today. The world is the way it is today because of t ...
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Share Sick and depraved western leaders exploit terror attack
2017-3-23 18:12
Sick and depraved western leaders exploit terror attack
Like most people I really really hate western politicians. In my opinion every last one of our western politicians are part of a class that is against the people. These western politicians work for the western elite and their job is to keep western populations enslaved to these 'elites' that own pretty much everything. I do not believe in so-called 'democracy' in any way shape or form and I with how angry western populations are since the GFC I think that my hate of western politic ...
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Share Poor English girls using socks for tampons.
2017-3-21 18:01
Poor English girls using socks for tampons.
Girls in UK are ‘using socks because they can’t afford sanitary towels’ Girls from poor backgrounds in the UK are resorting to using socks because they can’t afford to buy sanitary towels or tampons. Teachers have been left buying tampons for their students or arranging supplies to be brought in from charities, following the rise in truancy among teenage girls during their period, according to The Guardian. Charities told the paper that the problem is happening in cities and rur ...
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Share Should companies stay out of politics?
2017-3-18 19:19
Should companies stay out of politics?
The big news from Australia today is that our Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has told 20 of Australias top CEOs to stay out of social debates. The 20 CEOs all signed a letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that pressures Turnbull to legislate for gay marriage but the governments position is that they went to an election promising a plebiscite and that remains their policy. It is somewhat rare for the liberal-conservative LNP government to so openly and publicly attack our ...
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Share Honeymoon is over for Donald Trump
2017-3-16 19:38
Honeymoon is over for Donald Trump
What is the honeymoon period in politics? When a president first takes office, he is often given what is called a honeymoon period : For a few months, the public, the media, and members of Congress tend to give the president the benefit of the doubt and treat him well. - sparknotes/us-government- and-politics Generally a newly elected Prime Minister or President is given what is known as a 'honeymoon period' after winning an election but Donald Trump did not win the popular vote an ...
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