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Are abortion contracts legal?

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The big news in New South Wales, Australia right now is that a rugby league player got some chick pregnant and then he paid her $50,000 to abort the baby. The chick took the $50,000 and aborted the baby but now she is telling the media that she only had the abortion because she was bullied into it by the rugby league player and a club 'fixer' that deals with this kind of thing. The chick says that the league player - Bryce Cartwright - told her that he wanted nothing to do with her or the child after she told him about the pregnancy and then he bullied her by text to abort the child before refusing to have anything to do with her other than through the club 'fixer' who bullied her further until she decided that she had no choice but to sign the contract for $50,000 to abort the baby.

Here is the abortion contract -

- Bryce Cartwright/google images

So this chick that is calling herself 'Miss X' seems seriously jilted. She has all of these txt messages between her and Cartwright and also between her and the Penrith Panthers 'club fixer'. She is saying that she gave the $50,000 to charity and that she is in grief counseling trying to recover from the bullying and the abortion that is led to. She doesnt want the NRL to promote people like Bryce Cartwright as a role model to children and rugby league fans in general and she does not think that Bryce Cartwright should get away with what he has done just because he is a "star". The Penrith Panthers made a statement on all of this today and the club GM held a press conference to tell us that they thought that Bryce had done the best he could under the circumstances and to assure us that the Penrith Panthers club will rally around Bryce Cartwright and make sure that he gets the support that he needs in this tough time. The Penrith GM also said that the club has nothing to do with Miss X but if she wants support she can give him a call.

So all of this ties in with another Bryce Cartwright scandal apparently where a former lover was charged with threatening to kill Bruce and the chick also threatened to attack Bryce with revenge porn, which is illegal. Apparently while Miss X was trying to go public with her story she had to resort to social media because the scandal was too hot to touch or something. It is as if the corporate media were trying to protect Bryce Cartwright. He is pretty marketable I guess. So apparently the official girlfriend of Bryce Cartwright found out about this Miss X on social media and realized that Bryce had been cheating on her with Miss X, and that is why she threatened Bryce with revenge porn and why she threatened to kill him. The revenge porn story happened back in December apparently but this big abortion story has only blown up in the corporate media over the weekend. The timeline suggests that corporate media was ignoring this Miss X for some reason. Bryce Cartwright is marketable and this is a pretty bad story. Still. It seems odd.

The story is funny to me because it made me think of an anti-domestic violence public service commercial that Bryce Cartwright was in recently.

I am pro-abortion and have been in a relationship myself where I was having unprotected sex with a chick and I told her that if she got pregnant and did not have an abortion I would leave her and have nothing to do with her or the child, and that I would refuse to have sign a birth certificate and refuse a paternity test. The girl was taking the pill but she had said some things about wanting a child and I wanted to make it clear how I felt about that just in case she decided to forget to take her pill one day. Me saying that probably was not a great thing for the relationship and since then I have been more tactful when something like this came up again but I kind of understand Bryce Cartwrights point of view. I do not agree that a female should have the final say on abortion just because the baby is going to grow in her belly. In my opinion a male should have have an equal say on whether a child is aborted or not and if the female decides to have the child against the wishes of the father then I think that the father should have no legal responsibility for the child. I know of many cases where a female has had a child against the wishes of a lover/father and then the father ends up having to pay child support for a kid that he didnt and doesnt want. To me that is unfair. Bryce Cartwright earns a lot of money as a professional Rugby League player so this Miss X would have been able to get a lot more than $50,000 in child support out of him if she had decided to have his baby. To me this is insane since he clearly wanted the kid to be aborted.

So even though I can understand Bryce Cartwrights perspective this thing about paying a female money to abort your child seems a bit unethical to me and I wonder how it can be legal. Fair enough abortion is legal but to pay someone to abort is not exactly paying someone to murder a baby unless you are some kind of anti-abortion Christian or something, but it seems pretty horrible that the main reason this child did not get to live was $50,000. The reason I am pro-abortion is because capitalist society offers a very horrid life to the poor so if someone is poor and is going to be unable to give their child the best start in life then I think it is best to abort the child rather than to have to suffer as a poor person even if only through childhood. I also do think think that females that get pregnant through rape should have to have to give birth to the child if they dont want to, and I think that even children that are not poor deserve parents that actually wanted children so I support the idea of accidental pregnancies being aborted even though I think that people should be careful and make sure this doesnt happen. But to pay someone to have an abortion does not sit well with me at all and I really do not think it should be legal.

What do you think? Should it be legal for someone to get their lover to sign a contract to abort their baby? And if you do think it should be legal then is $50,000 a good price or should Miss X have asked for more? Like I said, Miss X could have gotten a lot more money out of Bryce Cartwright if she had kept the baby so dont you think she should have held out for better abortion contract?

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