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Fox outfoxed.

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Swedish officials have denied a man introduced on Fox News as a "national defence and security adviser" has any affiliation with their government.

Nils Bildt said it was his professional opinion that crime was running rampant in Sweden because of an influx in migration.

He claimed government leaders were trying to suppress information being distributed by local media.


The critic was forced to issue an apology after Sweden issued a statement denying Bildt was who he purported to be.

He claimed Fox News chose to present him as Sweden's "national defence and security adviser" when he was in fact an independent US political adviser.

- ninenewsaustralia

I watch a lot of Fox News and I was actually watching when this happened. For context this man that Fox News presented to their viewers as Swedens "National Defense and Security Advisor" was used by FNCs Bill O'Reilly to rebut a really beautiful female Swedish journalist that was saying that refugees are not a big problem for Sweden. The beautiful Swedish journalist had been on FNCs Tucker Carlson show the day before in a segment that followed a Tucker Carlson interview with a man called Ami Howowitz that had made some crazy American conservative hate documentary about how bad refugees are in Sweden.

This Ami Horowitz hate documentary had an part where Horowitz is interviewing two Swedish police officers and they make some comments that seem to indicate that they are against refugees but both of them have made statements denouncing the documentary and they have said that their comments were taken out of context. So this Tucker Carlson segement that they had with Horowitz was to give Howowitz a platform to say that the two Swedish police officers are liars and that refugees are indeed a huge problem in Sweden.

So right after this Horowitz segment Tucker Carlson interviews this beautiful Swedish journalist and Carlson starts in with his refugee hate and he has some prepared statistics to prove that what he is saying is right and that refugees are a massive problem in Sweden. Carlson suggested that refugees have increased crime in Sweden dramatically including violent crime like rape and shooting crimes. The idea was to make this beautiful liberal Swedish journalist look stupid by giving these pre-prepared facts that FNC assumed that she could not deny. The beautiful Swedish journalist was well spoken and you could tell right away that she was very intelligent. She calmly tore Tucker Carlsons facts to pieces and no amount of trying to talk over the top of her could prevent Tucker carlson from looking like a lying, hate promoting fool. Tucker has just recently gotten his own show at FNC - his show replaced Megyn Kellys 'The Kelly File - and he is not a very good propagandist at all and the well spoken Swedish journalist destroyed him.

The main reason FNC was focused on Sweden that day was because of the lie that Trump told at his redneck rally that suggested that Sweden had experienced some kind of refugee related terror attack the night before. Trump looked like an American fool on the global stage with Swedish officials making fun of him and FNC seemed very annoyed and defensive about it, and they were trying their best to try to justify his suggestion somehow. So having Tucker Carlson screw this interview up must have caused a bit of a panic at Fox News and they figured that the solution was to bring this beautiful and intelligent well spoken Swedish journalist back on the next day so Foxs lead propagandist Bill O'Reilly could do what Tucker Carlson couldnt and make this liberal Swedish woman look like the liberal fool that they wanted her to be so that Trump did not look so much like the global joke that he is to his adoring racist redneck supporters that watch FNC.

FNC must not have been too confident in Bill O'Reilly though because he asked this beautiful Swedish journalist one question and tried his best to make her look wrong but failed, so he went to the help of this guy that was presented as Swedens National Defense and Security Advisor who basically said that what the beautiful Swedish was saying was rubbish and he went on with this crazy racist anti-refugee hate rant that claimed that the Swedish Government is running a liberal totalitarian state and has been suppressing the media to prevent any negative stories about refugees. After this apparent Swedish Defense Expert had finsihed his crazy hate rant Bill O'Reilly just ended the segment without giving the beautiful Swedish journalist a chance to respond. Ending the segment like that after the apparent Swedish Defense and Security Advisor had basically called the Swedish journalist a liar and a liberal fool was incredibly rude even for Fox News and you could tell from the look on the Swedish journalists face when she realized that the segment was ending without her having a chance to respond that she was shocked at how rude and uncivilized - and utterly ludicrous - these alien Americans are.

So what Fox News has done is a hell of a lot worse than the fact that they lied to their scared redneck viewers by presenting someone as Swedens "National Defense and Security Expert". What Fox News has done here is outrageous. The lengths that Fox News has gone to to try to justify Trumps suggestion that Sweden suffered a recent terror attack that was committed by refugees is incredible and it shows that they have that that not only do FNC have no regard for the truth but also that they have no confidence in their own ability to debate an intelligent and well spoken non-American.

Like I said, I have watched a lot of Fox News over the last few years and the reason is because FNC is so obvious about what the conservative side of the US political duopoly is planning. Every agenda of the right side of the duopoly is telegraphed on FNC. By watching Fox News you can know the mind of the 'elite' American conservative and know what they are thinking before they do as long as you are not a brainwashed American redneck fanatic. America truly is the Alien Nation and Fox News is proof positive of that. In no other western nation would FNC work because it is utterly ludicrous and non-Americans are not so stupid. Fox News is really no different at all to the insane radio stations in the dystopian nightmare USA from the GTA video games. Fox News looks more like a mockumentary or something than something that is supposed to be serious. In a way I am sure it is but the fact is that Fox News is Americas leading cable news network and is the news of choice for the redneck masses of America and that is truly scary.

Even worse is the fact that the other corporate news networks in USA are just as alien and ridiculous but they lean to the left instead. I remember the first time I watched the US ABC News and it scared me that Americans are so bizarre. They had this hysterical segment about porn addiction and some poor kid that they had interviewed along with his Christian family. Americans are like aliens. CNN is utterly ridiculous and their main propagandist is a known CIA employee - Anderson 'The Silver Fox' Cooper. Anderson was a 'CIA intern' and is the most obvious mockingbird in all of US corporate media. And then CNN has ludicrous race baiter Don Lemon who is a complete and utter joke.

American media is just utterly ridiculous to a normal human that is not American. We all know it. Compare the BBC to CNN. Name one US news outlet that deserves any level of respect? PBS? WSJ? Forbes? Ha. WSJ and Forbes are jokes of publications and they are where the nonsense agendas on Fox News comes from. We all know that Americans are stupid.

Americans are the lowest western civilization on earth and Americans are the least talented. Name a good American journalist. Just one. The American political class and media class is utterly worthless and even American citizens themselves know it. The American 'elites' can try to make trust in media a partisan issue with this 'fake news' nonsense that everyone in US and the lemming extended western media has waffled on about since the US election but even stupid Americans - excluding extreme left Bernie Sanders supporters - will not accept that they have to trust corporate media just because they do not trust Donald Trump and Fox News.

Anyway, the fact that Fox News tried to defend Trump suggestion that refugees carried out a terror attack on Sweden and were unable to and then they resorted to telling a ridiculous lie by claiming that their guest was Swedens "National Defense and Security Expert" due to the fact that not one person on FNCs payroll was capable of debating a well spoken Swedish journalist should scare every non-American elite of the global community. Fox News is a major tool that American 'elites' manage their population, and stupidly send out into the world to attempt to influence the non-American global community. Just stop and think how stupid and pathetic these American 'elites' really are. These worthless American 'elites' are putting the entire global order at risk because they are no longer capable as acting as the global communities leader state. To take advice from these worthless Americans is utter madness and all non-American elites must know this. American elites have the Reserve Currency status and have been able to use it to solve all of their problems but that time is over because globalization has exposed these Americans as the worthless pretenders that they are. It is the imperialist American cultural hegemony itself that is going to be the death of America. The confused American 'elite' still dont seem to understand that we are all watching them and few of us are as stupid as they are. These American 'elites' do not understand that the domestic propaganda of USA must be in line with the propaganda that they send to the world because we are all watching their domestic propaganda now that they send to us on FNC and CNN etc. We all see them dont we? But they dont seem to understand that we are watching them. And that we are not the stupid brainwashed American masses.

At this point with Donald Trump as US President the rest of the global elites are holding America up so that they dont fall down. If the global community turned on the barbarian USA right now they would collapse. The time to listen to US elites is finished. It is no longer the case that the global elites need USA - it is USA that needs the help of global elites to maintain their status as leader state and keep the reserve currency. This situation is very dangerous for all non-American global elites. Would you put your fate in the hands of these American clowns that give license to Fox News to tell the most outrageous and sickening of lies that American elites must know will come back to haunt them? Your fate is in their hands and that should scare the living hell out of every one of you.

Was the Swedish Government going to allow Fox News to tell such ludicrous lies about them without a response? This is a national government that American 'elites' have given license to FNC to attack - and a government that is supposed to be an ally of the US and their 'elites'. Just step back and imagine the world without so-called American 'elites'. Wouldnt it be a heck of a lot easier? Wouldnt it be a heck of a lot more civilized? Isnt it time to cut these worthless American 'elites' loose? Isnt it time to take the Reserve Currency status from the worthless Americans so that a fair and just true basket reserve can be created that does not give exorbitant privilege to these worthless and dangerous American 'elites'? It is.

The video of the segment on Tucker Carlson that featured the beautiful well spoken Swedish journalist has been disabled on youtube. These American 'elites' are weak and they are scared. Now is the time to take the Reserve Currency from them.

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