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Educating the educated on Trump supporters

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I am 'uneducated' but I am confident that I have a much better understanding of politics than at least 95% of you so-called 'educated' people that have a university education and I would like to educate you people on Donald Trump supporters because in my opinion few of you understand.

I find that the majority of you so-called 'educated' people are inherently classist and you use your university educations to justify the unacceptable income disparity between educated and uneducated workers in modern society, and to attack the uneducated masses.

One of your favourite attacks is to call all of us uneducated people racists, but only if we are white. An uneducated minority member is only poor because of the so-called 'white privilege' that all of us uneducated white masses enjoy but us uneducated white people must be poor because we are all stupid and deserve to be poor right? An uneducated minority should get Affirmative Action to help them overcome the 'white privilege' that keeps them all down but an uneducated white person should be told that he is an inherent racist and that he is only poor because he is stupid and deserves to be poor - especially since he is such a racist. This is the basic thinking of you educated neoliberals right?

So for eight long years with Obama as US President you educated people have been living your happy comfortable lives and calling all of us uneducated people racists. The neoliberalism that you all support encourages mass immigration which hurts the low and middle class but if any of us dare to speak out against the out of control immigration all of you educated people shout us down by calling us racists.

Since you are all so very clever you must know that neoliberal mass immigration puts downward pressure on working class wages and also reduces the amount of employment opportunities for the working class. Since you are all so very clever you must know that neoliberal mass immigration is the main reason why the working class have seen no wage growth in decades. Even though you all know this you still seem to have no shame about trying to silence us by labeling all of us as racists.

This is part of a blog that I wrote in the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential election to try to help the uneducated Americans that you educated people attack by calling them racists -


70% of Americans uneducated

I am not university educated so I am very offended by the way the US media keeps telling us that Trump gets most of his support from "uneducated" voters and most of the time they will say "white uneducated males". I am offended because I do not see what the fact that a lot of Trump supporters do not have a university education has to do with anything other than the media trying to imply that 'uneducated' people are stupid and that is why they are supporting Donald Trump.

Is it really a great shock that Trump appeals to working class/blue collar Americans when his campaign is clearly designed to appeal to these voters that typically vote Republican anyway? How is it news that working class blue collar Americans are supporting Trump over the elitist Hillary Clinton? It is working class blue collar Americans that are hurt the most by the loss of jobs and downward pressure on wages that the uncontrolled flow of illegal Mexicans causes so is it any wonder that these Americans would support Trump and his strong stance on border protection and stopping illegal immigration? The media will call these 'uneducated' Americans racists for supporting a strong border policy but these Americans are smart enough to know that the uncontrolled flow of illegal Mexicans that the elitist Democrats and RINO Republicans want to keep in place makes it harder for middle class Americans to find jobs and it is a major cause of slow/no wage growth for the middle class.

The US media keeps telling us how 'educated' voters support Hillary Clinton but is that really any great shock when these so-called 'educated' voters are living nice comfortable lives and they do not care about illegal Mexicans coming into USA because the majority of the illegal Mexicans coming to USA are taking the jobs of the uneducated middle class - not the jobs of the 'educated'. Illegal Mexicans do not hurt 'educated' Americans in any real way, but these 'educated' people are smart enough to know that the Mexicans do indeed hurt the job opportunities and wage growth of the American blue collar middle class. 'Educated' Americans could not care less about the blue collar working class masses or they would not be supporting open border type policies that hurt blue collar working class Americans. These 'educated' Americans are living nice comfortable lives and they can see how the blue collar working class masses are hurting and struggling but what do they do? They support elitist Hillary Clinton and her anti-working class agenda of continuing the flow of illegal Mexicans into USA to take the jobs of blue collar middle class Americans and to keep downward pressure on middle class wage growth. And while they do this they chime in with Hillary Clinton to dismiss the immigration concerns of so many millions of Americans by labeling them all 'uneducated' racists. It is enough to make an 'uneducated' person mad as hell dont you think?

So I keep hearing the media insult - not just 'uneducated' Americans - but all 'uneducated' people of the global community and I wondered how many Americans actually have a university education. Growing up seeing so much US media it almost seemed as if the majority of Americans get a university education so I was surprised to read that only about 30% of Americans have a bachelors degree or higher. And lets face it - a bachelors degree isnt anything to brag about is it now? Pretty much any idiot can get a bachelors degree if they can afford college. So these clever 'educated' Hillary Clinton supporters are well and truly the minority. The media keeps telling us that Trump needs to sway this 'educated' minority but does he really need them?

So 70% of Americans are uneducated and another important and related stat is that almost seven out of ten Americans have less than $1000 savings. You educated 30% are all living like Gods with your nice happy comfortable lives and the other 70% do not even have $1000 in savings. Of course all of you clever educated people are thinking to yourselves that the reason the uneducated are so poor and only have $1000 in savings is because they are all stupid right? All of the uneducated are stupid and they all deserve to be struggling and suffering with their hard and horrid lives - unless they are a minority of course. But could it be that the reason the working class are so very poor in modern times be because of the very high cost of living in western nations coupled with the fact that the majority of the working class have not seen working class wages increase in decades? Do you think? And the main reason the working class have not seen wages increase in decades is because of the neoliberal immigration policies that you clever educated people support right?

So I am guessing that what I have said above has not moved you clever educated people at all right? A lot of you already know what I am saying and you dont care because you are classist neoliberals that see the working classes as your enemy. For the rest of you well meaning do-gooder type educated people - maybe this will move you -

"They could take the country and keep the country, so long as they never bothered me and mine," she said. Then she said, "Don' t never forget who you are. You ain't rich and the rest of the world outside of Frenchman's Bend never heard of you. But your blood is good as any blood anywhere, and don't you never forget it." - Two Soldiers/William Faulkner

That is from a book. You clever educated people like books dont you? Now I am speaking your language arent I? Do you people have any idea what it feels like for an uneducated person to have genuine concerns about neoliberal immigration policies only to be dismissed as stupid and ignorant racists by you educated people. We are all just so ignorant arent we? None of us uneducated people even deserve to have an opinion do we?

So you think that your blood is better than my blood because you went off and did some book learning for a few years at uni do you? Is that what you thought is it? Is it?

And you people wonder why we are so angry?

The William Faulkner short story 'Two Soldiers' is about a young American man from the South that hears about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Habour on the radio and decides that it is his duty to volunteer for the war to defend his nation and his people. It is uneducated people like this that are willing to fight and die for their nation and for you. It is people like this that won WW2 and made your comfortable God-like existences possible and how do you repay them? How do you repay them? You repay them by treating them as if they are enemies in their own nations. It is not just in America that you educated people attack us uneducated working classes, it is the same in every western nation and beyond. You treat us as if we are enemies in our own nations.

It was all of you educated people that were against the UK Brexit wasnt it? All of us working class people that supported Brexit were labeled as racists by you clever educated neoliberals. Most of you clever educated jerks dont even know what a neoliberal is do you? Do you? Yet you will tell me that I am ignorant and that I do not deserve to have an opinion. And that I am a racist!

Are some of the working class racists? Of course they are but that does not mean that you classist educated masters get to dismiss our entire class and our concerns about neoliberal immigration policies by calling all of us racists. Of course some of the working class are racists but the fact is that a lot you educated people are racist too, not to mention classist. And a hell of a lot of you are ignorant as hell.

I hate racists as much as the next guy but I try not to get angry with them or attack them because at the end of the day the ignorance of a racist does somewhat excuse them. Whenever I think of Brexit I think of a youtube clip that shows a young British man with a shaved head that is at an EDL march against the 'Islamification' of the UK being interviewed by 'Press TV'. The interviewer asks this kid why he has decided to march and the kid is not particularly articulate at all and he struggles to answer, but he says "I wanna march, cause I want Bri'ian to be abou Bri'ish." he probably should have left it at that but he continues on and says some stuff that indicates that he is concerned about Muslims pushing for Sharia Law in the UK and then he says something about "Muslamic Rayguns". I am not sure what he meant by 'Muslamic rayguns' but it is pretty obvious to me that this is not a bad kid and the main reason that he has shown up to march is because in his culture he is being patriotic and a good citizen that is loyal to his people and his nation. The main thing with this kid is that he thinks what he is doing is good. He is trying his best to be a good person and a good citizen. The kid may be ignorant but he is trying his best to be good, and this is the case with the majority of white 'racists' so the hate that is directed at people like this from you clever educated people is not justified. No hate is justified.

I remember during one of the US presidential debates Donald Trump said that he thought that Hilary Clinton has "tremendous hate in her heart". I could not agree more and I feel the same way about all of you clever educated people that have such tremendous hate in your hearts for the uneducated masses. You people spout nonsense like 'love trump hate' as if you are the people of love and we are the people of hate but lets be serious - the hate that you educated people have for us uneducated people is the most vile of hate and you people seem to think that your hate is acceptable because you believe it to be justified hate. No hate is justified you ignorant educated wretches.

Your blood is not better than my blood! We all bleed red. All of us.

If you educated people continue with your hate against us it will be returned tenfold. There are many parallels between the social and political climate of modern western society and the social and political climate in Germany that led to the rise of Hitler. Luckily Trump is no Hitler (Trump is a bourgeois neoliberal elitist that hates his supporters every bit as much as you do. Trump will do nothing about neoliberal immigration and instead push racist policy like his Muslim Ban to distract and make everyone apposed to neoliberal immigration seem like a racist. Trumps job is to act as a saboteur. So none of these problems will go away - they will only get worse) but if you people keep up your classist hate then you might not be so lucky in the future.

Grab a book and read about how the educated bourgeois 'intellectuals' were seen and treated in Nazi society. The fact is that you need us but we do not need you. Most of us cant even afford our electricity bills and we are not enjoying all of the pleasures and comforts of modern society like you God-like educated masters are so why do we need you? The fact is that we do not need you to live as badly fed animals like we have been living for decades. We do not need you - you need us.  You people need to ask yourselves if a class war is really what you want. We are 70% and you are 30% - and we will be willing to fight. Will you? How long can you people protect yourselves for by hiding behind minorities? How long do you think it will last? Elites? How many of you are members of 'elitesingles.com'? Ha. Elites. Elites? You think that you are elite do you? Do you?

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report HailChina! 2017-2-21 20:08

Who cant explain their anger? Yeah maybe not that kid.

Reply Report HailChina! 2017-2-21 23:36
Here is the rest of my pre-election propaganda script for American Trump supporters you guys -

continued -

Some will claim that the percentage of 'educated' Americans is closer to 40% than 30% but this is only when you include so-called 'two year degrees' whatever they are. If anyone is out there referring to themselves as being 'educated' and looking down on the 'uneducated' masses because they have a 'two year degree' then I am very embarrassed for them. 30% of USA is 'educated' - 70% of USA is 'uneducated'.

I 'fact checked' it for our 'educated' liberals -

We wondered whether Santorum is correct that 70 percent of Americans don’t have a college degree.

We checked with Santorum’s staff of his organization Patriot Voices, and they sent us an article from Vox about Scott Walker’s lack of a college diploma. The reporter argues that not having a college degree does not really matter since "most Americans — nearly 70 percent — don't have a bachelor's degree, either." The article doesn’t give a source for its number.

We decided to look for data about educational attainment from the U.S. Census Bureau; we found 2014 data (the most recent available) on the U.S. population by age, race and gender. We focused on the age group of 25 years and over, because most American students graduate by the time they turn 25.

According to census data, 209.3 million people in the United States are 25 years old or older, and 66.9 million have a bachelor’s degree or higher (such as a master’s, professional or doctoral degree). That means about 68 percent of them do not have a bachelor’s degree. If we include people who have an academic associate degree -- about 11.7 million people -- the percentage of people without a degree declines slightly, to 62 percent.

The U.S. Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics looked at the same question in a 2014 longitudinal study that followed young people to age 27. It found that by that age, 72 percent of respondents did not have bachelor's degrees.

Our ruling

In making the point that Republicans need to reach out to the working class more, Santorum said that 70 percent of Americans don’t have a college degree. We found several measures that are close to the number Santorum cited. Overall, we rate his claim True.
- politifact

It is true that 70 percent of Americans are uneducated. The elitist liberals will tell us that if a person is white and uneducated that must mean that they are stupid and or lazy so their lot in life is their own fault. The elitist liberal is not going to care that the blue collar middle class masses are suffering because according to elitist liberal think the lazy and stupid blue collar middle class masses deserve to suffer - and lets face it - they are so stupid they probably do not even notice how horrid their existence is. These clever liberal elitists have gone to university for four years or more and they deserve their nice comfortable and the working class masses get what they deserve - this is how the elitist liberal mind works. It is only if you are some kind of minority that you could be excused by the liberal elitists for not bothering to get a college education because so-called 'white privilege' means that 'uneducated' whites only have themselves to blame no matter how poor they were born. Only 10% of children born to low income families in the 1980s earned a college degree by the time they were 25 but according to liberals this has nothing to do with the lack of equality of opportunity in US society for white children from low income families - the reason these whites from low income families didnt bother to take advantage of their so-called 'white privilege' and get a college education is because they are lazy and or stupid.

Now not every liberal is an elitist that hates the white 'uneducated' middle class as we see with the Bernie Sanders supporters but look how the elitist educated Democrats treated them. The Bernie Sanders liberals want free college and not just for black people or Mexicans - but for everyone. Hillary Clinton called these people names and said that they all live in their 'Moms basement' which seems to be a favourite insult of the American elitists lately - and now that the DNC helped her win the Democrat nomination Hillary keeps claiming that she is going to give these people "tuition free' public college but there is no way in hell USA can afford to do this and she is obviously lying her ass off. But the very fact that so many young voters want tuition free college is evidence that for many the cost of attending college is too high even if the person has so-called 'white privilege'. There reason there are not more low income families sending their children to college is not because they are not intelligent enough - it is because they cannot afford it. We have all read the many stories on how many young females are having to become sugarbabies of elites to help pay for college but not everyone can or wants to do that so many children of low income families are missing out on college even though they are intelligent enough to get a degree. Not having a university education does not mean that you are stupid even though the US media keeps implying that it does and that is why so many 'uneducated' people support Donald Trump. Another thing is that many people from low and middle income families simply do not want a college education and are happier learning a trade or doing some type of blue collar work but these people are getting up and going to work every week like the college educated workers are and they expect to be able to live a decent life without a college degree - and why shouldnt they? How on earth do liberal elites decide that these Americans that get up and go to work and pay their taxes in blue collar jobs are their enemy?

I am not the only one that feels personally insulted every time the elitist US media tells us that the majority of Donald Trump supporters are 'uneducated' -

“Let’s assume that Donald Trump is indeed popular among white men who didn’t graduate from college. The first question is, so what? Is this information newsworthy? Obviously, thousands of journalists think it is.”

“To your point, the words ‘uneducated white men’ now appear in hundreds of articles about Trump. But if this is truly important information, where were these reporters four years ago? In the last election, an even greater majority of African-American males who voted for President Obama had no college on their resume. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall any headlines or articles that delved into Obama’s popularity among ‘uneducated black men.'”

“If the media didn’t care about the lack of college among black men supporting Obama, why do they care so much about the lack of college among white men supporting Trump? Moreover, when exactly did a lack of college become synonymous with a lack of education?”

“There are many ways to become educated that don’t involve the purchase of a diploma. Why would the media ignore thousands of apprenticeship programs, on-the-job-training opportunities, and all the other alternative educational options that have led so many people into so many successful careers? The answer is obvious — many in the press are looking for ways to impact the election. If a biased reporter can get away with labeling Trump supporters who didn’t graduate from college as ‘uneducated,’ he can simultaneously imply that any ballot cast for Trump is the hallmark of an ‘uneducated’ voter.”

“It’s impossible for me to have this conversation and not think of my grandfather.”

“Pop never made it to college. In fact, he never made it out of the 7th grade. But he never stopped learning or studying. He started as an electrician’s helper, became an apprentice, a journeyman, a master electrician, a contractor, and then a small business owner. Later, as an electrical inspector for the state, he was responsible for guaranteeing the safety of hundreds of buildings in Maryland, as well as all the rides on the carnival midway at the State Fair. He was a modest man of real intelligence, admired and respected by everyone who knew him. But today, he’d be right there with you, Albert — swelling out the ranks of ‘uneducated white men.'”

“Closing the skills gap and making college more affordable is beyond my pay grade, but it seems like we could start by reminding the media that a college degree is not the only path to success. It’s well and good to promote higher education, but it’s crazy to suggest the most expensive road to enlightenment is the best path for the most people. And it’s equally nuts to pressure our kids to keep borrowing vast sums of money to become “educated” in careers that no longer exist.”

“The media has minimized your work, insulted your intelligence, and ignored your contribution to civilized life. Try not to take it personally. Just keep doing what you do. Run your business. Vote your conscience. Keep the lights on for the rest of us.”

Us 'uneducated' people can try not to take these elitist liberal insults personally but come on. We have liberals on this forum cheering about the extermination of us racist and uneducated Donald Trump voters. I am not sure what they are talking about since 70% of Americans are uneducated and Hillary Clinton is only up two points on Trump which is within the margin of error which is astounding considering the undeniable media bias against Trump and his supporters.

Is this liberal elitism what America is really all about? Isnt the reason the rest of us like you guys so much the fact that you do not act like uppity Europeans that seem to think they are better than everyone else? Since when did the working class/blue collar masses become the enemy in USA? Isnt it the working class/blue collar Americans that are the reason America is so great?

When I think of good Americans and why I like you guys so much I think of this paragraph from the William Faulkner story Two Soldiers -

( If you have not read the short story it is about a good southern family and one of their boys leaving to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. )

Then she said, "Don't never forget who you are,. You aint rich and the rest of the world outside of Frenchmen's Bend never heard of you. But your blood is as good as any blood anywhere, and dont you never forget it."
- Two Soldiers/William Faulkner

Americas liberal elites want to treat 'uneducated white' people as their enemy but isnt the blood of the uneducated white Americans just as good as the blood of educated elitists? Doesnt USA owe its greatness more to these uneducated white Americans than to educated liberal elites? Why is it that liberal elites treat uneducated white Americans as if they are the enemy?

Elites like to talk up this so-called 'one percent' garbage because what the hell is the one percent? Nobody really knows. But it would be far more sensible to start talking about the 30% of educated Americans that treat the other 70% of Americans as if they are lazy, stupid, racist scum that deserves to suffer a horrid existence because that is clearly the way the educated Americans feel about the rest of you. Few educated Americans with their nice comfortable lives are speaking out against the elitist Democrats and Republicans for treating the uneducated masses as if they are the enemy are they? And apparently most of these 'educated' Americans with nice comfortable lives are voting against the masses and for elitist Hillary Clinton. These 'educated' elitist Americans are not stupid apparently so they must know that uncontrolled immigration certainly does hurt Americans that do not have a college degree yet they sit back and allow the elitist politicians to call us all racists and they are going to vote for uncontrolled borders and continued mass immigration of illegal Mexicans into the USA. Maybe the reason the 'educated' elitists treat the 'uneducated' masses as if we are the enemy is because they see themselves as being our enemy. This is our lives isnt it? It is not just some stupid idiocy on a tv show - this is peoples lives that these educated 'elitists' attack so how can we see these people as being anything other than our enemies when they treat us as the enemy. I am not telling anyone to grab a gun and head for the nearest university but if US society does descend into a class war - which seems to be happening - lets remember that it was the elitists that started it - not us. Most of us have no idea why these elitists hate us so very much and all we want is a fair and just society isnt it? How is it that we are the enemy?

I am really not interested in the troll opinions of 'educated' elitists but if you are an 'uneducated' American do you agree with me that 'educated' elitists are treating you as if you are an enemy in your own country? Why do you think your fellow countrymen care more about illegal Mexicans than uneducated white Americans?
/Oct 09 2016, 07:49 AM
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-2-21 23:37
Today I am interested in the opinions of you educated elitists. What do you have to say for yourselves?
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-2-21 23:41

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