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What will NBA Finals result mean for Space Jam 2?

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I enjoyed the 1996 movie Space Jam that starred Micheal Jordan and I was interested to read recently that LeBron James will soon be starring in the sequel to Space Jam - Space Jam 2. When I read that LeBron James would be playing Hollywood's new Micheal Jordan I wondered if Kobe Bryant might have been a more appropriate choice. LeBron James seems to be unable to bring a championship to his hometown of Cleveland so do we really want the ball in his hands the next time an alien race tries to steal the Looney Tunes from earth? Maybe current back to back NBA MVP ( Most Valuable Player ) Steph Curry would be a better choice. Maybe 2015 NBA Finals MVP ( and possibly 2016 NBA Finals MVP ) Andre Iguodala should be in consideration. Is LeBron James really the next Micheal Jordan? Should LeBron really be starring in Space Jam 2?

Yesterday LeBrons Cleveland Cavaliers were defeated by the Golden State Warriors in game four of the 2016 NBA Finals and now his team looks certain to lose back to back NBA Finals to the Warriors - being down 1-3 in the best of seven series. No NBA team has ever come back from being down 1-3 in the NBA Finals - not even a team led by Micheal Jordan. It looks like yet again LeBron James will cause the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers to cry more tears of disappointment. I just hope none of them get so upset that they start burning their LeBron James jerseys on youtube again. When I think of LeBron James I do not think of the next Micheal Jordan - when I think of King James I feel pity for the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Unlike Mike, Lebron James has never won an NBA Championship as "the guy". Following James' decision back in 2010 to leave his home city of Cleveland - that had drafted with the first pick in the 2003 NBA draft - to sign with the star studded Miami Heat Charles Barkley said - “LeBron will never be the guy. I wish he would have tried to win it by himself as ‘the guy.’ ” - (wiki)  LeBrons decision to walk out on his team Cleveland and sign with a star studded Miami Heat team that included All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh makes the two NBA Championship rings that he won while at Miami tainted in most basketball observers eyes.

Unlike Mike, LeBron has never won a championship as "the guy" and until he does bring a championship home to his home city Cleveland - he will never redeem himself for his 2010 decision and he will never silence his critics. 

We can only assume that the reason LeBron James decided to come back to his home city Cleveland after three years at Miami to redeem himself and to silence his critics but so far he has failed.

This loss must fall on LeBron James. He is the Chosen One. It is on him, fair or not, and he's now on the brink of another Finals loss and a 2-5 record when a championship is on the line. And, increasingly notably, an 0-3 Finals mark when Pat Riley and the Miami Heat aren't in the picture.

When, simply, it's LeBron's team.

How to make sense of this?

LeBron is one of the most interesting and complicated players in the game, to say nothing of superstars in the world. He is both responsible for that record and a victim of his own successes.

Seven NBA Finals appearances, including six straight, is remarkable. It is a mark of true and rare greatness. And yet, it is the Jordan standard through which we judge him. Through which we should judge him. He asked for it. He chased it. There's actually no shame in being Icarus, if you have the talent and guts to charge toward the sun. But if you fall, don't look and blame us gapers and watchers. Ambition does not come easy, or cheaply, or, often, without consequences.
- CBS Sports/Bill Reiter

King James has an army of critics and they are all out right now with LeBron one loss away from another NBA Finals defeat as "the guy". In my opinion the best NBA sportswriter is Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune and I have never heard of this guy Bill Reiter but what he says above about judging King James by the Jordan Standard is true. LeBron James is going to be in Space Jam 2.. LeBron James has asked for it.

So, if Space Jam 2 has King LeBron James and a team of Looney Tunes defeating an all-star team of space aliens Im not so sure that Im going to be able to believe it. LeBron cant seem to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory over the Golden State Warriors so what chance would he have against space aliens? Sure, with Micheal Jordan I can believe it - but LeBron James? Not until he wins at least one NBA championship as "the guy". 

Maybe Charles Barkley will be right and "LeBron will never be the guy" and instead of comparing LeBron to Jordan some may compare him to a guy like Charles Barkley. Who knows? - if Charles Barkley had of taken a pay cut and left Phoenix to sign with the Seattle Supersonics to team with all-stars Sean Kemp and Gary Payton, then Charles Barkley may have won an NBA ring or two like LeBron James did by taking a pay cut to team with all-stars Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Maybe Barkley could have taken a pay cut and signed with the Utah Jazz to team with all-stars Karl Malone and John Stockton. It isnt completely ludicrous to put Barkley and James in the same sentence in certain possible alternate realities if you think about it for a while with an open mind. Like Kevin Garnett says - Anything is possible. !

Let's not it get twisted on this front: LeBron James will end his career as one of the 10 greatest players ever. But forget passing Jordan. If you go 2-5 in the NBA Finals, and you stay at two rings (caveat: there are seasons ahead to change that) can we really put him comfortably ahead of Magic, Shaq, Duncan, perhaps even Kobe?

Being, say, the sixth- or seventh-greatest player of all time is a thing to be utterly celebrated. It's also, for this one particular guy, a striking disappointment. That's the thing about LeBron: He can be both worth celebrating and a striking disappointment.

- CBS Sports/Bill Reiter

I wouldnt be putting LeBron James in my top ten list of greatest NBA players of all time any time soon but I have Kobe Bryant in there. Would LeBron make your top ten? In my opinion Kobe Bryant is the closest thing we have to Jordan since Jordan and I think that it should be Kobe and not LeBron that stars in Space Jam 2. What do you think?

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Reply Report HailChina! 2017-8-3 18:59
“Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms of best of all time?” Jordan told campers during an informal Q&A session. “No. There’s something about five that beats three. … Kobe won five championships. LeBron won three. Although, he’s been to seven Finals or something like that.”
-Yahoo Sports

Micheal Jordan agrees that Kobe Bryant is ahead of Lebron James on the best of all time list. It is kind of stupid though to bring championships into it though. I think Michael Jordan would prefer it to be accepted that Kobe is second to him and Lebron third. I dont think Michael Jordan thinks that Lebron can win three or four more championships It is kind of stupid to compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan anyway since they are different kinds of players. Still - if Lebron James doesnt win four more championships people will always say that Jordan was better.

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