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Share Biggest Mistake In Learning English
2016-12-5 01:43
There are a lot of mistakes that I've seen that parents make in trying to help their children learn English. But, before I share the biggest mistake, I want to say that, "It's not your fault. It's certainly not your child's fault. It's not even your child's teacher's fault." The problem is, wrong thinking about language learning. Language is learned through a certain process. No matter whether the language is English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish or whatever the language is the you want to learn. ...
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Share Biggest Mistakes Parents Make
2016-12-4 17:32
Biggest Mistakes Parents Make
I've learned, while living in China, that most parents don't know the best way to help their children learn English. In China, there are some things that are very different than in the Western countries. I hear a lot of people in China say, "Practice makes perfect." When I was a child, you would hear that often in America too. However, we know that 'practice doesn't make perfect.' We learned from one of the greatest American football coaches who ever lived that, 'perfect practice makes perfec ...
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Share Chinese Students Succeed More Than American Students
2016-12-1 02:30
4 Reasons WhyChinese Students Succeed More Than American Students I recently saw a statistic that showed that about 60% of American college students (first time students, full time) finish (within 6 years of starting) and finally get their degree. I decided to look into China's college students completion rate which stands at around 92%. Why do at least a larger percentage of Chinese college students finish and Americans don't? Here's what I've found. 1. Chinese colleges are ...
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Share You Must 'Speak' English Right Now
2016-11-29 23:33
You Must 'Speak' English Right Now
Yesterday, I read several blogs from one of the most famous language teachers in the world. His name is Benny Lewis. He is from Ireland. He is a polyglot. A polyglot is a person who is fluent in several languages. He was talking about why people spend many, many years studying a language without learning it. He says some of the same things that I tell students. Here is what I tell my students. 'Speaking English right now.' This means two things. 1. Start speaking English right a ...
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Share U Don't Know Chinese Temperament
2016-11-28 09:50
U Don't Know Chinese Temperament
The average Chinese person has a very different temperament than Western People (especially Americans). The fine art of ‘letting things go’ has nearly been mastered by nearly all Chinese people. When they’ve been wronged by a stranger (perhaps cheated out of money by someone) or especially a family member, they can ‘let it go’ better than I ever imagined any human being doing. I guess the most apparent place that you’ll witness this in China is in traffic. Chinese traffic habits are ...
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Share U Don't Know Chinese Food - Part 4
2016-11-28 09:43
As I stated in another blog, the Chinese have to serve more than 4 billion meals a day to feed its 1.34 billion people. That’s a lot of food. There is one thing that is quite surprising in this place were there is such a high demand for food. Food is cheap. I could literally eat for about $1.50 a day. You’ll find noodle shops and baozi shops in abundance. Most Chinese eat either noodles or rice every day. I’ve talked with old Chinese and they have told me that they can’t imagine not eatin ...
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Share U Don't Know Chinese Food - Part 3
2016-11-28 09:39
This is always a big criticism when discussing China and what they eat. I certainly won’t avoid the subject. That is, what animals they eat. The first question that comes to most people’s minds about animals that are eaten in China is the one about dogs. Do they ‘really’ eat dogs? The answer is simple, but not so easy as most would like it to be. In fact, in discussing anything about ‘they’ do, no matter the country, it must be clarified by saying ‘some’ do certain things while mos ...
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Share U Don't Know Chinese Food - Part 2
2016-11-28 09:33
In addition to discovering the delicious and very spicy taste that Chinese have in preparing and eating their food, there are other very interesting culinary facts that you likely don’t know about Chinese food. I’ve always found it interesting that no matter where I travel around the world, people generally eat three meals a day. They eat breakfast between 6:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. They eat lunch at noon. Then, they have dinner or supper in the evening. Chinese are no different. However, how they ...
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Share U Don't Know Chinese Food - Part 1
2016-11-28 08:44
After about 8 months of living in China, people asked me what I liked most about China. I always replied, “That’s easy. I love the people and, I luvvv the food.” If all you know about Chinese food is what you get at Panda Express or at your local Chinese restaurant, then, when you visit China, you’re going to be in for a huge shock. Chinese people love, love, love hot peppers and spicy food. Being from Texas, I’m a near expert (at least on eating; ha!) spicy food. We blended the more bla ...
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Share U Don't Know Chinese Taxis
2016-11-28 08:41
In addition to e-bikes, bicycles and cars, China provides very good public transportation. My favorite way to use public transportation used to be taxis. Taxis are cheap, available and of course, will take you wherever you want to go. I grew up and lived in a small town in Texas. My family still lives there. I wasn't used to taking the bus or taxi when I came to China. I knew nearly nothing about them. The little that I did know from traveling in other countries, I guess I had forgotten. Most ...
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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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    AndrewHLi: Those taking 0 minutes in English outside classroom are responsible for their work in my view, because they have no interest in English.

    The bad env ...
    Yeah, it is not easy for us to find a English companion.

  • The Daunting Challenge of A Foreign Teacher In China 2017-3-13 09:05

    You possess finest qualities of a great teacher. Selflessly, you enrich your students regardless of who they are and where they come from. Through your devoted dedication, they excel and perform expectation to reach heights that they themselves may not have dreamt of. You are EXEMPLARY!

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