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Share Speak English Right - 1:4:17
2017-1-5 00:16
Speak English Right - 1:4:17 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I’ll teach you the difference between and how to use two very common expressions. One of these words describes potential of what might be done. The other one describes what a person will do. Words/Phrases I can I will ‘I can’ means that you have the ability, resources or time to ...
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Share Speak English Right - 1:2:17
2017-1-3 23:57
Speak English Right - 1:2:17 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today I’ll teach you two words that are sometimes confused by English learners. Notice how each word is used. Sometimes as a verb and sometimes as a noun. Words beat win Beat means “to overcome (an opponent).” ‘Beat’ can also mean ‘tired’. Win means “to ac ...
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Share Speak English Right - 1:3:17
2017-1-3 23:53
Speak English Right - 1:3:17 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I’ll teach you three ways to answer a question if you feel you might know, but, you are not sure. These expressions are used in everyday English quite often. Learn them. They’ll make you sound more like a native English speaker. These can be used in everyday conversation, but, not in formal writing. ...
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Share Speak English Right - 01/01/17
2017-1-2 00:41
Speak English Right - 01/01/17 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. Some of our members have asked that I do more lessons on ‘How To Talk To A Foreigner’. I’m happy to teach you more. First, let’s review the previous lessons. “Hi, how are you?” “Where are you from?” “What work do you do?” “How long have you been in China?” “ ...
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Share Speak English Right - 12/31/16
2017-1-1 04:21
Speak English Right - 12/31/16 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. In today’s lesson, I’ll teach you the difference between two different expressions which use the same word, but, have different meanings. Words awful, awfully Awful is used informally to mean “extremely bad.” Awfully is used informally to mean “very.” Both modifiers are overused and shou ...
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Share Why Grammar Based English Teaching Doesn't Work
2016-12-31 22:36
Someone just sent me a link to a Chinese English teacher who is quite popular in China. The link was to his podcast. After translating it, I see that he is telling students that they don't need to learn listening and speaking to master English. He said that grammar based teaching/learning is the best way to learn English. In fact, in China, you learned Chinese without ever being taught Chinese grammar. In America, we haven't taught any language in this way in my lifetime. I'v ...
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Share Speak English Right - 12/28/16
2016-12-30 04:54
Speak English Right - 12/28/16 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. For the next lessons, I’m going to teach you how to go up to a foreigner and talk to them. I’ll tell you what to say. You can have a short conversation and speak with confidence. So, you see a foreigner at the super market or restaurant. Walk up to them and say, “Hi, how are you?” “ ...
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Share Speak English Right - 12/29/16
2016-12-30 04:50
Speak English Right - 12/29/16 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I will help you to review the questions that you can ask a foreigner if you see one in China. Remember. Don’t be shy. They will probably enjoy talking with you. However, don’t try to talk to them if they are eating or if they are talking to someone else. Yesterday’s Review “Hi, how ...
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Share Speak English Right - 12/27/16
2016-12-29 00:37
Speak English Right - 12/27/16 You can g o listen to this lesson at TODAY'S LESSON Good morning. Not long ago, I taught you the difference between the two words ‘bring’ and ‘take’. Each of these are used depending on where you are. For example. If May contacts me on WeChat and wants something from America when I go back there in January, she will ask me, “Michael, will you bring it to me when y ...
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Share Speak English Right - 12/26/16
2016-12-26 22:50
Speak English Right - 12/26/16 You can g o listen to this lesson at Good morning. Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. conducted a poll of the ‘most annoying’ ( 烦人 ) word of 2016. 38 percent of those polled said that the most annoying English word is ‘whatever.’ It isn’t always an annoying word. It depends on how you use it. Today, I’ll teach you the wrong and right way to use this word. ...
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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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  • Avoid This Kind of English Training 2018-3-15 05:05

    Liononthehunt: A very interesting phenomenon is that most students in Eastern Asian countries, in particular, China, Japan and South Korea have all notoriously under ...
    In my experience, what holds back English education in China is that their is no foundation of learning to speak the language. Speaking is fundamental and foundation in language learning. It is rare here in China. I find it interesting that most Chinese primary and secondary schools do not teach Chinese grammar. Yet, they focus 90% or more of their time teaching English learning grammar rules. An effort in futility from my experience of teaching more than 4000 students and thousands more students.

  • Chinese Students Will Conquer English 2018-2-8 01:21

    Until the Chinese change the methods used to teach English by Chinese teachers and get rid of 99% of the poor foreign teachers. Maybe 5% of the Chinese will master English.Maybe. Taliking how and actually doing it are very different.

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