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Share Is China Really THAT Bad?
2013-4-27 09:13
Yesterday, I was talking to a Chinese man and almost instantly he started telling me everything that he thinks is 'wrong' with China. He talked about everything from education to toilets. I'd never heard anyone say so many bad things about China. I never heard it in America or any of the other 25 countries I've visited. I couldn't imagine why he felt as he did. He nearly made me angry. After I finally realized that he wasn't going to stop saying so many things, I finally demanded control of t ...
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Share Why Not A Chinese Steve Jobs?
2013-4-26 04:33
Being in academic circles and directly on the faculty at a college and a university, I hear a lot of discussion about the differences and similarities between China and the west. One topic that almost always arises is the question of why so much innovation comes from the west and not so much from China. I've asked myself this question and have attempted to observe why I believe this is so. I have observed the education system here in China, first hand. Its my life here and I'm deeply involved ...
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Share Are Teachers Ever Wrong?
2013-4-25 03:42
There is an old belief that teachers can never be wrong. In fact, no student is to ever question a teacher or even speak out in class. This idea comes from another belief that insists that for learning to take place in the classroom, a teacher cannot be questioned and is presumed to never be wrong. It is also assumed that this approach makes for the best and most effective educational teaching model in schools. This idea existed in the U.S. for many years. In fact, during my primary school an ...
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Share Kaifeng, An Amazing City
2013-4-24 18:12
Kaifeng, An Amazing City
I just returned from an amazing trip to an even more amazing city, Kaifeng. I went there at the invitation of China Daily and Victor ( voice_cd) our moderator on the blog here and blog manager for China Daily. We had a great time. Victor is a very cool guy and has excellent English. We talked like old friends. Very cool. Kaifeng is a very old city. It has a warm feel to it. Though, by American standards, it is still a large city (but, not for China), it has a 'hometown' feel to it. ...
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Share Chinese Capitalism?
2013-4-21 08:16
Being an American, I've never known anything except capitalism and a free market. I didn't know much about state owned businesses until I started making regular trips to Russia several years ago. The U.S.A., though it prides itself in separation from business and government, certainly isn't pure in this idea. The bailout for big business proved this in recent years. The U.S. government, who is itself deeply indebted, 'loaned' billions of dollars to attempt to help the economy to recover. I'm ...
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Share How Are Critics Useful?
2013-4-21 05:36
The late inspirational writer and professional speaker, Zig Ziglar, once said, "Some people search for problems as if there is a reward for it." There seems to be some kind of payoff for the person who is a constant critic. These people are easy to identify. Especially on forums like this one. The rush of adrenalin and the temporary release of endorphins, perpetuate their drive to criticize. I never understood the usefulness of the many self appointed critics in life. To be a critic you ( ...
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Share Positive Directive Education Succeeds
2013-4-19 09:33
As an educator, I am constantly looking for better and more effective ways in teaching. With thousands of classroom hours, I've found that one style that should definitely be employed and integrated in every learning situation is, 'positive directive' instruction. Simply put, 'positive directive teaching' is far more effective than 'negative corrective teaching.' Let me give an example. A commercial airliner usually has at least 3 pilots (and often 4 which includes a navigator). A captain, a ...
Personal category: Education|1263 views|2 comments Popularity 2
Share Are Chinese Students Safe in the USA?
2013-4-18 15:46
Naturally, when news is released that there has been a bomb explosion in the U.S. and four people are dead, one being a Chinese graduate, many here in China wonder if students are safe in the U.S. It sickened my heart and mind to hear of this senseless act of terrorism. The simple fact is, the U.S. is certainly not as safe as China. With the many freedoms that American enjoy, there is a price to pay for that freedom. Restrictions are less, guns are easy to get and sick, demented i ...
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Share Speaking Chinese
2013-4-18 04:20
My experience here in China is so interesting and so very rich. I know, maybe, a few hundred words in Chinese. And it is likely that I don't pronounce many of them correctly. We, English speaking people, aren't sensitive to the tones. What is more interesting is when people try to talk to me. It is common that they will say something, I won't understand, I say 'ting bu dong', and then, they say something else. Sometimes I can understand. If they ask me 'where I'm from', or, 'what do you do' o ...
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Share Making Your Life Better
2013-4-17 07:22
Being an American living in China, it is easy for me to contrast our two cultures. But there are many things that we have in common. One thing that seems to be shared among most cultures of the world is the ideas that we have about our roles and responsibilities in life. Most children grow and learn at least until the age of 18. In most cultures, they finish high school and decide whether or not to attend college or university. I was one of those that faced that time in my life without a weal ...
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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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  • Chinese Students Will Conquer English 2017-11-9 19:00

    Any English teacher worth being considered a real teacher knows this is a fact. Nothing new written here.

  • Chinese Students Will Conquer English 2017-11-7 14:35

    I understand what the English teacher said,they don‘t have time to teach speaking,when thousands of Chinese students to contend for extremely limited education resources,the intention of learning English will be changed

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