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Share How China Can Dominate The World
2016-12-21 05:34
China has brought over 650 million people out of poverty over the past 40 years. A remarkable feat. Especially in light of where they'd been prior to the 1976 'opening up.' From millions starving to hundreds of millions thriving in just 4 decades. It's never been done in history. The leadership of the Communist Party, starting with Deng Xiaoping through China's most amazing present leader, President Xi Jinping and all others in between, created the greatest economic miracle in the history of the ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/20/16
2016-12-21 02:40
Speak English Right Now! 12/20/16 Good morning. Today, I’ll give you two more words that are often confused by Chinese English learners. I’ll give their definitions and show you how to use them. Words amount number Use amount with quantities that cannot be counted. Use number with things that can be counted. Example: a small amount of lotion, a large amount of profit a number of books, a number of delegates  ...
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Share Why Foreign Teachers Leave China
2016-12-20 23:10
I read a statistic that said that this year, 40% of the foreign teachers (native English speaking teachers) left China after the 2015-2016 school year. I happened to be one of them due to the requirement that a foreigner with a Z visa must leave for 6 months after being there for a consecutive five years. Of course, as is the case for many things in China, this law is not enforced in many places . Unfortunately, where I live, it is. Foreign teachers do not know China before they go there. The ...
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Share Watch Movies and Learn English
2016-12-20 14:29
Ken Xiao, one the most famous non-native English speaking experts in the world, gives excellent advice in his book "Talk English". Among many things that I learned, he tells his readers how he learned and nearly perfected his English in just 6 months. One way was by watching English movies. He said that he, "Repeated every word I recognized and words I didn't know that seemed to verbally grouped with ones I did know." One thing that he said which helped him the most was, learning to spot and re ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/19/16
2016-12-20 11:00
Speak English Right Now! 12/19/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I will teach you two words that are often confused in English. I will teach you the meaning of each word and the right way to use it. Words/Phrases among between The difference between these two words are simple. Among and between are both prepositions. Among always implies three or more. Bet ...
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Share 7 Ways To Get Higher Test Scores In English
2016-12-20 05:17
7 Ways To Get Higher Test Scores In English Parents and students in China will do everything that they can to get higher test scores. China’s education system it based on these scores. You will either succeed or fail in future education pursuits based on these scores. In English education, too many Chinese believe that the grammar based English lessons that are offered through special training centers, can give them the results that they want. This is the most ineffe ...
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Share Westerners Are Shocked By Chinese
2016-12-20 02:03
I learned a lot by coming to China and living there for 5 years. I learned a lot of things that I hadn't ever heard about China and certainly, didn't know. Here's my list (in brief). 1. I didn't know about some of the disgusting public toilet situations. Even though I've traveled to more than 20 countries, I didn't know that it was as bad as it is in China. Most Chinese are embarrassed to talk about it. We Westerners are not. We would much prefer to deal with it rather than ignore it. 2. ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/14/16
2016-12-19 01:46
Speak English Right Now! 12/14/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today I'm going to teach about a word that is sometimes used in English, but, is not a good word to use. I teach students who will eventually attend top 100 colleges in America. I teach them how speak English intelligently. They should be avoided. They make you sound like you are not very intelligent (stupid). This word is definitely one ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/18/16
2016-12-19 01:29
Speak English Right Now! 12/18/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I will teach you two more word/phrase that are pronounced the same. However, one is a single word and the other one is a two word phrase. These are often confused by non-native English speaking people. When you learn the right way to use them, you will sound more like a native English speaker. Phrase/Word ...
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Share Frustrating English
2016-12-18 04:10
I came to China with plans of staying only one year. In fact, I stayed there 5 years. And, I would be there now if not for the law that requires a foreigner to leave for 6 months after remaining there for 5 consecutive years. Why am I in China? Why will I choose to come back as soon as I can? The answer is easy. I am obsessed with helping Chinese students reach their goals and realize their dreams. My part to play in their quest for success is, giving them the best English training ...
Personal category: Education|3249 views|12 comments Popularity 5

Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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    Well done Michael! you are still rocking here!

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    parcher: i was asked to teach my collegues daughter english, because her teacher was doing such a poor job (his words ) i tried to put him straight that rome w ...
    You are wise.

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