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Share Foreign Teachers Leaving China
2016-8-17 15:14
Foreign Teachers Leaving China
I recently saw a statistic from a foreign teachers' union website that showed that 43% of foreign teachers who taught in China last school term, won't be back this fall. It leaves a gaping hole of over 12,000 openings for schools in China. The fact is, the need and demand for foreign teachers is greater today than it has ever been. It will continue to increase with the growing desire for Chinese students to study abroad. Even with the reduction of potential scoring on the Gaokao of 100 points ...
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Share If China Will Have Me, I'll Be Back
2016-8-14 23:52
My mom said it best. When you step out and step up, you don't always have things easy. First, people ask me, "What? You're living in China?" Yes, I am. Right now I'm forced to sit out a 6 month mandatory (unpaid) sabbatical here in Texas. A law that I guess no foreigner is made aware of in China is, after you've been there for 5 consecutive years, you have to sit out 6 months before getting a Z work visa. Many if not most foreigners go back to China on a tourist visa (they w ...
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Share America Needs To Mind Its Own Business
2016-8-6 20:13
Whatever America is doing to try and flaunt its influence in the world, well, they need to butt out. I'm in the USA right now visiting my family. I've been here nearly 40 days. I love my home here, my family and yes, I love America too. But, America is in chaos right now. Regardless of one's political leanings, this Trump thing is the most ridiculous fiasco in American history. The leadership crisis in the USA is at a level unparalleled. In fact, there is little to no leadership here. There i ...
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Share 7 Ways To Really Show America How Wrong They Are
2016-7-26 05:51
7 Ways To Really Show America How Wrong They Are (for attending an international meeting at the Hague regarding the South China Sea dispute initiated by The Philippines) 1. Immediately go out and smash your iPhone (which you paid 5,000-7,000 RMB for) 2. Destroy all things that are of Western (namely American) origin, including: you should turn off your lights, quit using electricity, destroy your car (no matter where your car was made since the mass manufacturing of cars ...
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Share Quality Of Chinese Healthcare
2016-6-18 17:15
Two days ago, I returned home from a 13 day stay in the hospital here in Zhengzhou. I was admitted to Central Hospital of Zhengzhou on June 3. I had surgery the next morning and another one 10 days later. I was in the 'proctology' ward, so, without going into the morbid detail of what was wrong with me, I'll leave it to your imagination of what I was suffering from. More than anything, I had more intense pain than I've ever experienced in my life except for perhaps kidney stones that I had sever ...
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Share How Great Is China?
2016-6-18 16:42
How Great Is China?
Recently, I saw a video of the foreign minister of China as he was taking questions regarding the current state of affairs in his country. A foreign journalist asked about 'human rights abuses' in China. The minister seemed to be frustratingly angry about the question. He made one statement that clearly revealed the reality of what has happened in China since 1976. He said, "We have raised 600 million people out of poverty in the past 40 years. Do you think we did that by abusing those people's ...
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Share What About American Democracy?
2016-5-27 06:15
Recently, one of our English Club members contacted me and told me that she had entered an English speech competition. She had made it into the finalists and wanted my help in getting support for the popular vote. Of course I was happy to help her and hopefully she could win the competition. Another member wrote a message on my Moments (Circle of Friends) in WeChat (weixin) scolding me for allowing her to use her 'relationship' (guanxi) with me to help her win. She suggested that she should n ...
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Share Confucius Versus Modern Chinese Thinking, Part 3
2016-5-25 08:23
Another important golden nugget of wisdom that Confucius taught the world is revealed in what is likely his greatest and most memorable quote. "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand" - Confucius After coming to China and teaching more than 1,000 classes my first year, my eyes were opened to the need of good English education for students here. At first, I only planned to come here for a year and then go back to the comfort of my home in America. I stayed because ...
Personal category: Education|7474 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Confucius Versus Modern Chinese Thinking, Part 2
2016-5-22 06:51
While Confucius has not always remained popular throughout all of Chinese history, he is respected and looked upon today as being one of its greatest figures. And, as some have pointed out, some of his ideas were not as great as others. In fact, some of his ideas are against a lot of modern Chinese cultural ideology. What I'm interested in the most is the wisdom that he shared for day to day living. I'm interested in how it compares with modern Chinese thought. Though many people love to wax ...
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Share Advice to Young Bloggers and Writers
2016-5-20 07:08
There is a group of students who follow my blog and who like to count the number of views that I get. They also like to get other stats like average views per blog post. Their latest number is 962,168 views, 400 blog posts and an average of about 2,400 views per blog post. Their big question along with several others is, "How do you do it?" Well, at best, I'll give the best answers that I can. In fact, there is no real method to it. I know that might be a disappointing answer to younger aspiring ...
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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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    AndrewHLi: Those taking 0 minutes in English outside classroom are responsible for their work in my view, because they have no interest in English.

    The bad env ...
    Yeah, it is not easy for us to find a English companion.

  • The Daunting Challenge of A Foreign Teacher In China 2017-3-13 09:05

    You possess finest qualities of a great teacher. Selflessly, you enrich your students regardless of who they are and where they come from. Through your devoted dedication, they excel and perform expectation to reach heights that they themselves may not have dreamt of. You are EXEMPLARY!

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