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President Xi: The World's Leader

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In a recent report reflecting an interview of the former, number one advisor to the U.S.'s president, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon revealed, what I believe, the most important perspective that President Trump holds regarding other world leaders. 

The report said, 

"President Donald Trump respects Chinese President Xi Jinping more than any other foreign leader, his former chief strategist Stephen Bannon said in a speech in Hong Kong in which he also warned that China must cease what he described as economic warfare against the U.S.

“The relationship they have is very strong, and I don’t think there’s a world leader that President Trump respects more than the president of China,” Bannon said.

Of all of the missteps, mistakes, successes and achievements that Trump has been credited with, this one is certainly a show of true genius from the U.S. President.

There is no mistaking (from the past blogs that I've written) that I am a huge fan and supporter of President Xi. I read every bit of news that I can find about China's most distinguished, top leader. He exemplifies true leadership like the world hasn't seen in at least several decades. 

For one, he is quietly strong and wise. Quiet in words, but, not in action. He makes decisions based upon soundness of mind and a deeper knowledge and intelligence that any great world leader should possess.

The second thing that is obvious to me is his resolve to do the right thing. His first concern is his own people; China (as it should be). I'm amazed at the pressure of leading 1.34 billion people that he is able to manage in making decisions that affect nearly 20% of the people on the planet. He is more than able to not only do right and what is best for his own people, but, he does so with ample consideration for every one on the planet. His ability to do this is to be greatly admired and well respected. It is nothing short of remarkable.

Thirdly, it is obvious to me that he is driven by personal integrity and depth of character. It is obvious that he is well in touch with the people of China and the world. He is humble and strong. He is comfortable in his role in the world and goes about doing what he must to consistently affect the success and progress that he continues to bring.

To hear the words of Steve Bannon and realize that Bannon is no fan of China, means a lot in knowing that not only does President Donald Trump possess the discernment and genius to recognize true leadership, but, we all know that President Xi is an amazing world leader for such times in which we live.

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.


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    if you take the factors of sweatshops and real estate bubbles out of the  equation, china's economy is by no means that big. china's economy may appear impressive on numbers, but is of quite poor quality. on per ca pita basis china is and will remain to be one of the poorest countries on earth. it really does not make sense to say if china will dominate the world or not.

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    how can we verify the numbers of people who are supposed to be "brought out of poverty" in china? can we trust the statistics from china?

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