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Speak English Right - 1:15:17

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Speak English Right - 1:15:17

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Good morning.

Today, I want to review something that I know that you know, however, you may still do wrong or you might have forgotten. 

I realize that the English language’s ‘to be’ verb is very confusing. I remember when I was learning it in the first grade. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me because, in each of the different ways to use it, none of them used the word ‘be’.


I am a teacher.

You are a student.

He is a boy.

We are people.

You (all) are people.

They are people.

So, you have three words that represent ‘to be’ and none of them look anything like it. Confusing.

Well, the past tenses can also be confusing. We’ll practice those today.


I was unhappy.

You were unhappy.

She was unhappy.

He was unhappy.

It was unhappy.

We were unhappy.

You (all) were unhappy.

They were unhappy.


I am happy.

You are happy.

She is happy.

He is happy.

It is happy.

We are happy.

You (all) are happy.

They are happy.

Make sure you learn these. I know that Chinese is much easier. You just use the word no matter the subject you are describing. But, English is a bit harder in using this word. Learn it and learn it well. You’ll sound much more like a native English speaker.

That’s all for today.

Goodbye for now.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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