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How A Real Man Treats A Woman

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I've been in and out of the hospital these past few days. Dealing with some small health issues there. Lily has helped me enormously. I couldn't have done any of it without her help.

Yesterday, she had gone to check on something and I sat down in one of the waiting areas. In the seating area, I noticed a couple who were about two rows in front of me. She had long, red hair. He was very average looking. 

I first noticed the sincere look on his face as he talked to her. My guess was, that it was his wife.

I continued to watch them without them knowing that I was. Several gestures caught my attention. 

One, she started crying as she was talking to him. He reached up, removed her glasses and gently wiped her tear away. Then I noticed how he was softly stroking her back from time to time and even gently taking his finger and putting her hair behind her ear. Then, he held her hand as he looked into her eyes and listened to every word that came out of her mouth. Frankly, it moved me and touched me deeply to see a man lovingly nurture a woman like that. It isn't something that I'd ever seen before in China.

Later, as we were coming down the escalator, I saw them again. I told Lily about what I'd seen. As soon as we got to the floor where the two of them where, he hugged her and held her tight while I noticed a tear coming from his eye.

I don't know what this couple is going through. I did silently say a prayer for them. I was deeply moved by the man's actions towards here. I told Lily, "That man is a real man."

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Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-5-21 16:36
I know quite a few guys who are not afraid to show 'softer' emotions, or take on a more caring role in their relationship.
In fact it shows more self confidence and masculinity than the men who bluster, bully and patronise those weaker than themselves.
Very often the men who brag the loudest are those who over-compensate for a weakness in character.

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